Sunday, October 02, 2011

Ciracle Vitamin Source C-20 Serum

While going thru deals in, I came across this Vitamin C serum deal that will be send all the way from Korea!

The price was a steal at only RM80 for a 30ml serum! What else but to purchase it as it is really cheap for serum. My recent purchase of serum costs me RM200++ and the size is half of that!!

After the deal was tipped, I followed the instructions and "redeemed" my purchase. True enough after a week, my purchase arrived and I'm surprised it was packed in a rather big box for a bottle of serum.

Nicely packed with bubbles inside to prevent breakage.

Am glad to say that after 2 weeks of using Ciracle Vitamin C-20 serum, it is really good as I can see the difference on my face. This serum is not the usual dense type. It's quite "watery" and easily applied and absorbed in. Whenever I drip it onto my face, I'll get a whiff of orange smell :D Best of all, it does not leave your fingers feeling all sticky and yucky.

Do check out as besides having Ciracle brand, it has other stuff that you may be interested in and from this experience, I can say that they are trustworthy.


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