Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cavan's 2nd Concert

Cavan had his first taste of concert last year when he was in K1. His costume then was very hawaiian with big floral motifs against bright orange. This year is his 2nd year he's performing on stage and also his final concert for kindergarten years. He'll be starting a new chapter of his life moving unto Primary school comes Year 2012.

This year's venue was different from last year. It's a bigger hall this time with 2 tier seating. We opted for the 2nd tier seats which was upstairs as it gave us a much better view. Alas for photography not that good. It's the same if we choose to sit downstairs for it's too far away to get a good capture.

As with last year, the kids doing their own emcee and started off with a dance to the upbeat tune of "The Heat is On". Shortly after the speech by their Principal, it went on scene by scene with the younger children ie. K1 performing before K2 kids perform.

The Mandarin elective class which Cavan is in performed scenes from the sketch/dance of Shanghai - Ancient to Modern. Thus his costume this year is this :

Bright yellow kung-fu style! :D Now, this is the BEFORE look.

This is the AFTER or ACTUAL look. Teachers did up his hair and splattered heavier make-up on him. Just look at how red his face and lips were! o-O If I were to do this for him at home, he'll complain and kick up a fuss. BUT teachers do it no choice. Only "complain" to me that teacher put a lot of make-up on him and that he ate lipstick hehehehe.....

Before long, the concert came to an end and I'm always amaze at how the teachers control the kids for such a concert for the crowd is massive. Just look at the numbers of teacher that has lined the perimeters and just look at those kids. They are all dressed up in all sorts of colors and the props. The props were amazing for it's all handmade by the dedicated teachers!

After the concert excitement is over, Cavan now eagerly awaits his Graduation Party next month. This is just the beginning of a long journey of actual academic education. Childhood honeymoon over, it's time to face stern teachers and loads of homework!!


SandyG said...

Hoiyoh! Cavan look like a Wushu master

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