Friday, September 02, 2011

Yee Wen Thai Food

From Bentong to Bukit Tinggi, we landed in Kepong Baru for Thai Food. Tucked neatly in a corner surrounded by trees and scrubs, this authentic Thai Restaurant is hard to locate unless you are familiar with Kepong Baru roads.

The decor is very minimal. Kinda gives me the classic rustic feel.

Once seated, we got down to business and started ordering. Very very hungry! Glad to say, the dishes arrives on our table at a super fast speed! Not sure if this is the norm as we were there early and not during the usual peak hour.

Fried kailan with salted fish

Chicken feet kerabu - soury spicy.
A tantalising appetiser to tease the tastebud!

Seafood tomyam served in claypot with charcoal at the bottom to keep it warm

Ikan 3 rasa - the meat is tender and juicy

Pandan chicken ~ very aromatic with tender flesh. Yummeh!!

We cleared all dishes to the last drop! Everyone was happy with tummy full and it's time to go home wash up and rest. It's been a fantastic day!!

Yee Wen Thai Food
Lot 01-3813 Jalan Helang Merah
Kepong Baru Industrial Estate
52100 Kuala Lumpur
016 - 272-8223 / 016 - 625-2018


Phoebe Tay said...

Mmm the food looks awesome (:

life-muses said...

it's yummilicious!!!

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