Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thann Sanctuary

Remember this post and the voucher that we got? Finally we went to redeem it after 2 whole months! hehehehe....

Making the appointment was easy peasy, it was a breeze! State your date and your time and just be there :))

Thann Sanctuary @ One World Hotel

We were ushered to those bird nest kinda seat where they serve you tea to relax yourself and complete a short questionnaire to understand if you've been to spa/massage before and your preference.

Since ours was voucher redemption and the massage is only for 60 mins, we were given Thai massage with oil. Sigh, not much choice Thai massage it is!!

Alas I did not bring my iphone into the massage room thus no pics of the room settings etc... My masseur was sorta hovering around me while I deposited my bag in the locker. I felt pressured to be fast and get into the room for her to start the massage. Talk about being calm when I arrived!!

So the massage started and ended on the dot of 60 minutes. Overall so so only maybe because 60 minutes is too short hahahaha.....but some of the parts are loosen up. I think I need to go to another massage again soon but at least 1.5 hours.

We came out and was serve tea again. I darn like their Crystanamum tea! We were given a hot towel to drap around our neck. Felt good and then we bade goodbye.....

There goes our 60 mins full body massage at Thann Sanctuary courtesy of Proton Exora. Thank you again!


Phoebe Tay said...

what a lovely place (: I must go there one day haha.

Merryn said...

i love the bird nest best! :)

winnie mak said...

the environment looks nice and comfortable...

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