Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea for Two ~ Four for Tea

Well in my case, it was Tea for FOUR! :D

I bought the voucher for Traditional English Afternoon Tea Set @ Delicious for 50% off from

Made our reservation and set to enter KL City for the outlet that has this promo is located at The Marc Residence, Jalan Pinang.

Lovely cozy ambience ~ Delicious tucked away in a corner adjacent to The Marc Residence

da 3 guests waiting for their traditional english afternoon tea

After settling ourselves in, presented the voucher and choose our dessert (yes! you're allowed to choose your dessert and if you want coffee or tea from their menu), took shots of Tea for Four guests :))

Which other restaurant or cafe would you find lots of bird cage? :p As the weather started to get dark and gloomy with an impending rain, they lighted up the cages to my delight. It just add more warm ambience to the whole setting.

Our coffee arrives first followed by our afternoon tea in 3 tiers.

caught someone "eyeing" those food oredy o.O

1st tier ~ chocolate banana cake

Of all the desserts available there, my boy chooses chocolate banana cake!! Common yes but this one that we had is really packed thick with chocolate and those bananas it's unlike the usual where you only get bits and pieces. This banana has length!! @-@ Don't be fool by the outlook of 6 bananas bits you see there. Slice the cake apart and you get 4-5cm x 6 of those bananas!!

2nd tier ~ scones, strawberry chocolate dip, handrolled chocolate truffles and rosemary & cheese cookies.

The scones were serve warm. Spread it up with cream and jam, it'll warm up your tummy. I still prefer to eat my fruits au natural :) thus I forgo the chocolate dip. Rosemary & cheese biscuits is just lovely lovely to munch on. One bite and I'm caught on with the flavours that burst out of it. I just love savoury stuff hehehe.... Becareful when you eat those truffles for if those cocoa powder goes into the wrong "pipes", you'll be coughing coughing yourself silly!

3rd tier ~ assorted sandwiches and duck confit in filo pastry

First sandwich that Cavan grabbed was the smoked salmon sandwich. Whoa... very panai choose salmon sandwich! Knows his food well hahaha..... I love the duck confit in filo pastry. The pastry is really crunchy. Too bad they only serve two as it's Tea for Two and Two for Tea!

With da 3 guests for tea showed earlier, you need to plus 1 to make it FOUR for Tea!

We stayed for about 2 hours for our Traditional English Afternoon Tea as the kiddos were starting to make a fuss especially the young one (couldn't sit still!!). Before leaving, we explored The Marc Residence as there's interesting painting along the walkway and the water there gives vibrates a calm feeling with the weather being rainy and all. Nice!

All FOUR of us definitely enjoyed our Traditional English Afternoon Tea together and now must keep looking out at for this good deal!


Euniceee said...

*LIKE* the food looks yummy! ^^

Merryn said...

wow nice! I've never been to any Traditional English Afternoon tea before...

prince n princess mum said...

Nice hi-tea!~

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