Monday, September 19, 2011

Starry Starry Night ☆ ★ ☆

We were invited to attend a Private Function on a weekday. It's the birthday of my Yee Poh aka Lai Meng Yee to many of her fans out there. It was a wet wet evening as it rained very heavily in the evening. We were late but not too late lah for we travelled from one side of town to the other side with splatters of rain, puddles to avoid and traffic jams! On a normal non-rainy day, travel time will not be this long. This is the consequences of kay-el's traffic when it pours >.<

The party was in full swing where the guests has started on the buffet spread. We also started once we have settled ourselves.

Of course before we start on the wide array of food served, we have to greet and wish the Superstar herself.

In the midst of our food, there's a lady that went on stage to sing. I must admit I'm really really lousy with local artiste so to find out who this pretty lady was, I asked. Yep, I just asked one of my relative "who's that?"

And lo and behold, little did I realised that the singer on stage is a Beauty Queen turned Singer! She's non other than Soo Wincci. Orite, now I know who is she. Not bad her singing. From Mandarin, Malay to Hokkien, she can really sing! :)

With my limited understanding of Mandarin, apparently the longevity bun is made by Wincci herself that was presented to my Yee Poh for her birthday celebration. Not bad huh, not only can she sing, she can bake too.

Also spotted is Ms Astro Beauty Pageant runner-up, Josephine Goh aka Jojo. This I know coz my mum told me so hehehe..... Actually in my family, it was only my mum who knows whose who. When she points out to us that's so and so, we were all like huh, where, who?? hahahaha.... The gents in my family mostly watch sports channel. Me? I think if I do an analysis for a week, the number of hours I'm glued in front of the TV would be less than 1 hour! Even for that hour, it would be on a cartoon channel!! >o.o<

Now this guy looks familiar but I don't know his name. He was the MC for the night. He entertained us and threw some pretty personal questions for the floor to answer about Lai Meng. He did a good job for again with my limited understanding of Mandarin, I can understand!! LOL

Then it was time for the birthday girl to blow and cut her cake. Yee Poh very graciously called all September babies to join her on stage and if you remember me posting this, you'll then know why I'm up on stage as well :p

The birthday song started and didn't stop after two versions, it continued and I lost count at the 3rd time the song was sung. Eventually it stopped and Yee Poh cut her birthday cake. It was then sayonara for us as it was really late and the next day is a schooling cum working day.



neTToboy said...

I agree with you..Soo Wincci can really sing...she's gooddddd at singing..saw her perform live before...she's really good la... =p

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