Monday, September 05, 2011

Our Pets

As much as we like to have a doggie in our home, it is not the right time nor having the right space for a pet dog. Also I don't think I'm up to take care of another puppy with my kids demanding so much time from me.

When Cavan started to ask for a pet, we got him fishes. After some time the fishes died and the excitement died with it. Few months later, request came in for a dog. We got him a hamster instead. Hamster wasn't that friendly coz he likes to bite and after awhile Cavan had no fun with him coz he seems to keep wanting to bite whenever we tried to scoop him up even to change his bedding. We named hamster "Juju". Juju had a sudden death after a few months. And we decided then that's it, no more pet!

Many many months later, we know he yearn for another pet coz he kept telling he wants this that this that etc etc... We then decided to give hamster another chance since we have the cage and all that with us.

So taa-da! please welcome Juju-2 :D, yeah we kept the name. This Juju is pretty tame. He was smaller in size when we bought him. We have him for a few months now and he has grown big, long and tend to be noisy gnawing at his cage's grill.

When he sleeps, he sleeps like a dead log! Each time I'll go near to see if his body is moving from him breathing LOL!!

Two weeks ago Cavan requested for a turtle and since the mummy ME can handle turtle ie. can touch them without screaming my head off in case they wriggle out of my grasp, I bought him a turtle. Turtle's name is "yang yang".

Yang Yang is still a baby and we believe she's a female :D

This is not all, for Cavan wants a rabbit too but rabbit's poo-poo is no good *smelly* hubs said so he settled for a hamster and a turtle now. He wanted to bring baby magpies home but it's no no coz there's no place to hang a bird cage at where we stay!


Merryn said...

No hamster for us as they can get really smelly @_@

I used to have turtles when I was younger. Best when the power supply got cut off; placed a candle on their shell and see them RACE!! haha..

life-muses said...

yup agree on the smelly part, the reason I keep nagging hubs and cavan to change his bedding...

now on the turtle, it's a pretty darn idea!! hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Poor turtle, i can see from the animals u had that u guys dsnt treat the animals right, always died. I love turtles and have two for 5 years, the reason wy im upset after read this. R.I.P turtle.

Anonymous said...


life-muses said...

excuse me but turtle didnt DIE. she is still living happily.

also i dont think you have the right to judge how we treat our pets. we dont treat them harsh. are you labelling each one a murderer if their pets die suddenly? you dont even dare to put your name when you leave your comments!!

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