Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival 2011

Didn't really celebrate Mid Autumn Festival this year. It was just another day as usual ~ Bangun Pagi, Gosok Gigi, Cuci Muka, Pakai Baju (get up in the morning, brush teeth, wash face, wear clothes...) and off to work!

Didn't even bought a piece of mooncake!! The prices were ridiculous high this year. A piece cost RM13++. If you go for more dainty "branded" mooncake, it cost almost similar or higher and smaller pieces than the usual size.

Upon reaching home, we brought the kids down to the playground to light some lanterns. Forgot totally to get them new lanterns this year! so recycle again lah....

This year, Caden dares to hold the lighted lantern but only for a short while.

Same goes for Cavan, only played with the lantern for a short while. It frustrates him when the candle kept blowing out! hehehehe..... Told us to get him those modern battery operated lantern next year @-@

After sorta forcing the two kiddos for some shots, we let them play at the playground. They had more fun playing at the playground than holding the lantern. Kids and the world they live in now! They don't seem to enjoy those stuff that we do when we were a kid their age!!

I was trying hard to spot the FULL MOON but alas this was the only nice shot of a FULL MOON that I saw and captured admist a very cloudy night that threatens to pour.

That's it for our Mid Autumn Festival this year.


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