Friday, September 02, 2011

Kow Po Bentong Famous Ice Cream Coffeeshop

It's a long weekend holiday for Hari Raya and Merdeka. Total 9 days if you take 2 days leave for those in Kay-el City. I took mine and what else to do but to go "jalan-jalan cari makan".

On the 1st day of Hari Raya, we decided to drop by Selesa Hills to pick up my dad who was attending a Leader's Retreat and proceeded to Bentong for ice-cream! I first heard about Bentong famous ice-cream when my parents came back from a luncheon and one of their friends mentioned about it.

I googled it up and true enough, Bentong is famous for this Kow Po Ice-Cream. And all along I only know Bentong is famous for it's Bentong ginger!! coz I consumed this a lot during confinement time.

We didnt have trouble locating this coffee shop (YES! it's a coffee shop!!). Located besides Hong Leong Bank and opposite the Hentian Raya Bentong (bus station), you would not miss this coffee shop.

The coffee shop is very clean. They had a grade A signage hanging inside the shop and very airy although it was very crowded.

Besides being famous for it's ice-cream, they are also famous for their ice-cream cendol. Ice-cream jugak-lah hahahaha....

The many varieties of ice-cream available. Localised flavours with pandan and peanuts being one of their flavours besides the normal strawberry, vanilla etc...

The equipments, gadgets what nots in churning out bowls after bowls of ice-cream cendol....

We tried their famous ice-cream cendol topped with pandan flavoured ice-cream. Nice! :)

We also ordered 5 scoops of different flavoured ice-cream. We had vanilla, chocolate, peanut, coffee and pandan. The chocolate has a slightly bitter taste, coffee really had coffee kick! and I didnt quite fancy the peanut. Didnt taste peanut at all? The other two was okay, normal. Surprisingly the ice-cream texture is not hoarse but smooth. This I loike too :)

We also order yong tau fu. It was nice. No fishy smell at all, the fish paste all very very nice! I'm pretty easy to please huh... :))

So the next time you're around that area, do drop by and taste Kow Po ice-cream yourself. Give yourself an ice-cream break! :p


Henry Tan said...

lol. so you found the treasure in the small town! haha

JQ Lee said...

omg this looks good. Where is it? Im from malaysia. Is it in singapore?

Kyril D. Soul-X said...

lol where is that?

life-muses said...

it's in Bentong, Pahang right here in our country Malaysia :)

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