Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I've Ciku Muffin-ed!! :D

I was one of the 20 lucky recipients in Ciku Muffin's giveaway. Took my chance and join the bandwagon when I saw Yee Ling posted it on her blog.

TODAY, I received the lovely goodies from Yi Lei of Ciku Muffin. She's very generous and not only do I have cookies but cupcakes too! :D :D

Lovely decorated lemon flavour cupcakes topped with cream cheese. Just love the yellow and pink combination.

As I was the last person on the list to received the goodies, I got extra!. Instead of one box, I got two boxes hahaha.....

(left) oatmeal raisin and (right) chocolate chip cookies

Thank you again Yi Lei for the lovely goodies.


LauraLeia said...

The lemon cream cheese cupcakes look delicious! *drools* XD

reanaclaire said...

wow..congrats to u!! they really look yummylicious.. yes, i saw the post in yee ling's blog.. :)

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