Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 2 Years Old Baby!

We sent out the invitation below few weeks ago to our family members and a few relatives. Unlike last year where we invited lots more guests, this year we limit the numbers as we had the party in our house and it's too small to accommodate all.

Try to guess what's the theme we did for lil Caden :)

YES!! It was Mickey Theme as you can obviously see now :))

self-made personalised Mickey head banner

close-up view of #2 = 2 years old

star of the day with his home made banners

We transformed our little home that day to this. Nothing overboard, just cluster of balloons here and there.

playing with our neighbour's kids at a dedicated "kids play corner"
We prepared simple food that day which came with individual food tag :
  • Roll on your Proteins with Grandma's famous fish paste egg roll (fish paste rolled with egg)
  • Indulge in Sweet Nothings to end your day Pretty & Sweet (jellies)
  • Fuel your body with Mickey-li-cious Carbo, 1 Potatoe, 2 Potatoes, 3 Potatoes, FOUR (mashed potatoes)
  • Dream of flying? Bite on these wings and fly with flying colours! (grill chicken wings)
  • Healthy body, healthy mind, eat your Vegetables (coleslaw)
  • Tantalise your tastebud with this spicy soury vermicelli fried to Toodles perfection! (fried tom yum mee hoon)
  • Style your own popiah. It can be folded, rolled or shape em up Mickey Way! (popiah corner)
On top of those food, we were also lucky and grateful for extra foodies. We had lemang/nasi empik, rendang chicken, peanut sauce and anchovies fried with sambal from my cousin sister. We celebrated Hari Raya as well hahahaha.... Not forgetting the yummi-li-cious chocolate cake baked by my neighbour! I believe our guests went home with a fulfilling tummy that evening.

Earlier in the day we went and collect the cake that I ordered from Dreamz Bakery in The Strand. We had Vanilla Layer Cake. I wanted them to draw an outline of Mickey head but alas the chef was on leave and thus it could not be done.

However fret not as mummy me thought of something! I prepared the outline of Mickey Head and had them sprinkle cocoa powder and taa-daa, we have Mickey Head in line with the overall theme (puzzles me why they can't "do up" an outline of Mickey Head and do the same when I asked them too). Did you spot the Mickey Head?? and oh yah the mini bunting is also DIY :D

Now, rewind rewind back to the first food picture. Did you spot Mickey Head there as well? This one is green in colour on the mash potatoes. You did? Well done! hehehehe.....

Birthday boy was not in a cheerful mood for he was battling sleepiness that evening. We hurriedly got him to blow his candles before he nod off!

Caden trying to show 2 fingers indicating he is 2 years old!

...he huff and puff and on the 3rd try he blew the candles off himselves WITHOUT any assistance! Bravo my lil darling.

Since Caden slept after blowing and having some of his cakes. Brother Cavan helped to distribute the party favours to the kiddos. You still remember this? Yes, we made these Pinatas specially for this day.

Later that night when everyone has left and the house had returned to normalcy, I saw my little one went into the study room. Not long after, I heard tearing of papers and I went in to check on him for I'm afraid he tears the wrong stuff! Little did I realised that Caden was actually tearing off wrapping papers!! I totally forgot that we placed all his pressies in that room!

It surprises and amazes me that he knows those beautifully wrapped gifts are his to begin with! Asked him to bring all his gifts out to the hall to open and he did. One by one he carried it out and began the process of revealing his birthday gifts.

After each gifts was opened, he took a step back and went WWAAAAHHHH!!!!


You're growing up way too fast and learning more and more each day. You never stop surprising us each day. Although your vocabulary is limited now but you're very "chatty" and understands English and Cantonese well.

Daddy, Mummy and Koko wish you healthy and happy always!


Priscilla said...

Awwww. your son is so lucky to have a mummy like you C: umm <3

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