Friday, September 30, 2011

Carl's Junior

It was my very first time stepping foot into Carl's Junior! yada yada, very "out" hor ish!

Anyway, here I am in Carl's Junior and dunno what to order! Spent quite a bit of time at the counter going thru their menu and asking what's the difference between this that this? hahahaha.... luckily there was no que at that time, only us.

Decided and placed our orders. Choose our own drinks and went to look for a spot. Not long after the waitress came with our orders.

We took the Single Promo and Famous Star. HUGE burgers! and I start to wonder how to finish it all....

Unwrapped the burgers and I was kinda disappointed that the meat was rather thin. I expected some chunky meats from Carl's Junior for their famous HUGE burgers. Guess the HUGE is rather on the bread and not the thickness of the meat.

As expected I only managed to chomp down half of the burger. My attention was more towards the fries. I love their fries. It's the next best fries after McD!

Mmmm.... maybe next time I'll just go and grab their fries.


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