Sunday, September 04, 2011

Caden Pre-Actual Bday Celebration

Time flies and my baby is gonna turn 2 in a week's time! Parents-in-law did a small celebration for him on 31 August 2011 at hometown inviting close relatives and some of their friends (of which half of em I don't know! LOL).

I just lurve this photo!

Food wise is so so only. The longevity mee tastes a bit like instant mee except this has gravy with mushroom and meat was poured on top of it. Fried vegetables had a hint of sugar in it. I wonder if the uncle accidentally scooped sugar instead of salt? Prawn was not marinated thus a bit wasted coz it was big, plump and juicy. Without the sweet sour sauce it'll taste plain!

We also savoured "castrated chicken" reared by my in-laws. These cockerels really eat a lot and is BIG! Here's a shot of em taken 2 months back.

pretty cockerels in a row

uncle cook with one of the cockerels weighing a whooping 5kg!!

and here is the cooked meat, very very fleshy ~ yumz

Two little candles for a boy whose turning 2! :D After singing the birthday song, he attempted to blow the candles and it was so cute seeing him pout his mouth to blow it.

I am 2 years old!

Back home he played with his cousins. This is not all of them. Missing 2 cousins who were not around that day. Seeing him joining che-che and kokos playing, chasing each other made me realised that soon he's not gonna be so baby anymore *sob* *sob*

Check out my baby when he celebrated his 1 year old birthday here. He sure has grown a lot in a year's time!



winnie mak said...

i love the photo too...caden so sweet..hugging u and cavan....watching him grown year by year...his age remind not anymore teenager age :(

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