Sunday, September 04, 2011

Bukit Melawati @ Kuala Selangor

On our extended Public Holiday on 1 September 2011, we headed to Bukit Melawati @ Kuala Selangor. I've been wanting to visit this place for quite sometime but due to circumstances, it was not materialised. This time must make it there and I DID!!

Isn't this tram cute? It reminds me of circus. Speaking of which it's been a long time since we have Circus in our country. Tell me if you hear any news of Circus in town wokay.

The famous lighthouse at Bukit Melawati. There's history to this hill which you can read about it here.

resident of Bukit Melawati ~ silver leaf monkey

Am very surprised that this species of Silver Leaf Monkey is so so tame. You can actually STROKE them! and they happily sit and pose for you to take photos. Kyoot!

See they are so friendly that they will just jump up to your shoulder and sit there happily munching away on banana as what you see below. One sitting on your shoulder and you have others tugging at your dress requesting for bananas.

And then I also saw this monkey of which he himself will only know what the heck he's doing. Caught him doing this on the road and then again on the pavement. He's kinda like licking the road/pavement @-@

You can purchase bananas, long beans, biscuit/bread types to feed the monkeys from the mobile peddlers around. We bought them peanuts and picked up long beans from the ground to feed them when the peanuts ran out!

Besides resident Silver Leaf, we also saw another different species there. This one is very fierce! They will growl and bare their teeths and stand in kung-fu pose ready to strike when they feel threaten. I got it twice from them!! maybe when they saw my camera lens went zoom in zoom out they thought I wanna attack them? I was too scared that I scooted away thus didnt managed to press the camera button when they hiss growled and bare their teeths at me.

Have you seen a monkey drinking Coke? Now you've seen it! :D

Also have you seen monkey making out in the open for everyone to see? Well now you've seen it too! :p

Not leaving Caden out, hubs carried him to one of the Silver Leaf monkey and he knows monkeys are dangerous, thus he kept his arms to himself and didn't stretch out to try touching the monkey.

Overall, we enjoyed our time there as it was cooling when the breeze blew. It's also a nice place to see sunset <3

My family except me in it!


winnie mak said...

did u stroke the monkey???monkey always like to making out in open...last time am in Bali, the male monkey try to rape the female monkey...1st time watched live :P

Merryn said...

i dun want monkeys! Monkeys are bad! Monkeys are rascals.. they steal ur food and more >_<

life-muses said...

NOPE!! I dare not touch them at all....

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