Saturday, September 17, 2011

Budget Hotel in KL

In my line of work, surfing for hotel or apartment rates are a norm. I'm sure you also surf around checking out various sites to see the rates offered, make a comparison to find the best deals before making reservation when you are going for a trip abroad.

Thus checking out rates on properties outside our own country is pretty familiar would you agree? How often do you get on-line and get into a website that offers deal in your very own country? It would be for your own survey if you intent to go "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" or it can be your referral to your friends when they are making a trip to visit you! :D

Alright I'm blah blah blah-ing away up there. I just wanted to tell you about this site that I came across. It's a Malaysia travel website that provides the right information that I was researching for and I found this which you may want to recommend to your friends and family. Usually when friends asked which hotel/apartment to stay at, I'll be scratching head and thinking hard to give them a good recommendation that does not burn a hole in the pocket.

Thus stumbling upon this Ibiz Hotel which is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city and easily accessible as the nearest LRT station is only 15 mins walk really helps! Not only it is suitable for leisure, business travellers that has offices near the area can be put up here as well. With the hype of smart phones nowadays, you'll be pleased to know that free wi-fi is provided admist the other normal hotel facilities! :D

Best part is the rate! Reasonably priced, it is definitely a great great deal as we get to enjoy hotel facilities without burning a hole in our pocket!

Now my friends aboard, you can check out this site yourself and plan your trip to visit me! With the savings we all can go and indulge ourselves silly with the wide array of Malaysian gourmet :))

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homestayr said...

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