Saturday, September 03, 2011

Baby Magpies

The first glimpse of these bird eggs were revealed when I wrote about "Clean Day" or also better known as "Yellow Saturday".

A week or so after posting that bird egg photo, the eggs hatched!!

There's 3 of them altogether. Very black and not cute at all! Each time mummy Magpie comes by with food we will know coz it will be very noisy. Not to say mummy Magpie always keep an eye on us.

Lurking around on ground is a stray cat that is eyeing those baby birds. So much so that my dad parks his car further away from the pot the baby birds are in so that the cat wont have an easy way to reach them.

Here you can see feathers already. Still dont know how to fly yet and each day we are scared the lurking cat reach them before mummy Magpie able to teach her babies to fly.

So then we decided to adopt these babies and bought a cage for them. It's way much safer than being in the pot. Least the cat is not able to grab them easily.

Thus my nephew and dad brought down the pot and transferred the babies into the cage. While bringing down the pot, not only the mummy Magpie but the WHOLE ENTIRE Magpie family was screeching and circling at the porch, kinda like attacking both my nephew and dad so I was told hahahaha..... It was so scary that they carried the cage and the baby birds into the house! Alas one of the babies fell off from my nephew's palm and landed on the ground. Mummy Magpie flew in and flapped her wings at her baby and encourage baby bird to fly. After stumbling a few times, baby bird flew away with mummy Magpie. Luckily lurking cat was not around that time.

We were left with two baby birds now and they are still with us safe in the confine of their cage. Mummy Magpie comes each day and feeds them besides the food we give :)

Each time I'm back at my parents house, these babies sound is a nice one to hear :D

It was an amazing experience to see a bird egg hatched into a bird.


Phoebe Tay said...

omg I love this post :)

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