Friday, September 30, 2011

Carl's Junior

It was my very first time stepping foot into Carl's Junior! yada yada, very "out" hor ish!

Anyway, here I am in Carl's Junior and dunno what to order! Spent quite a bit of time at the counter going thru their menu and asking what's the difference between this that this? hahahaha.... luckily there was no que at that time, only us.

Decided and placed our orders. Choose our own drinks and went to look for a spot. Not long after the waitress came with our orders.

We took the Single Promo and Famous Star. HUGE burgers! and I start to wonder how to finish it all....

Unwrapped the burgers and I was kinda disappointed that the meat was rather thin. I expected some chunky meats from Carl's Junior for their famous HUGE burgers. Guess the HUGE is rather on the bread and not the thickness of the meat.

As expected I only managed to chomp down half of the burger. My attention was more towards the fries. I love their fries. It's the next best fries after McD!

Mmmm.... maybe next time I'll just go and grab their fries.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea for Two ~ Four for Tea

Well in my case, it was Tea for FOUR! :D

I bought the voucher for Traditional English Afternoon Tea Set @ Delicious for 50% off from

Made our reservation and set to enter KL City for the outlet that has this promo is located at The Marc Residence, Jalan Pinang.

Lovely cozy ambience ~ Delicious tucked away in a corner adjacent to The Marc Residence

da 3 guests waiting for their traditional english afternoon tea

After settling ourselves in, presented the voucher and choose our dessert (yes! you're allowed to choose your dessert and if you want coffee or tea from their menu), took shots of Tea for Four guests :))

Which other restaurant or cafe would you find lots of bird cage? :p As the weather started to get dark and gloomy with an impending rain, they lighted up the cages to my delight. It just add more warm ambience to the whole setting.

Our coffee arrives first followed by our afternoon tea in 3 tiers.

caught someone "eyeing" those food oredy o.O

1st tier ~ chocolate banana cake

Of all the desserts available there, my boy chooses chocolate banana cake!! Common yes but this one that we had is really packed thick with chocolate and those bananas it's unlike the usual where you only get bits and pieces. This banana has length!! @-@ Don't be fool by the outlook of 6 bananas bits you see there. Slice the cake apart and you get 4-5cm x 6 of those bananas!!

2nd tier ~ scones, strawberry chocolate dip, handrolled chocolate truffles and rosemary & cheese cookies.

The scones were serve warm. Spread it up with cream and jam, it'll warm up your tummy. I still prefer to eat my fruits au natural :) thus I forgo the chocolate dip. Rosemary & cheese biscuits is just lovely lovely to munch on. One bite and I'm caught on with the flavours that burst out of it. I just love savoury stuff hehehe.... Becareful when you eat those truffles for if those cocoa powder goes into the wrong "pipes", you'll be coughing coughing yourself silly!

3rd tier ~ assorted sandwiches and duck confit in filo pastry

First sandwich that Cavan grabbed was the smoked salmon sandwich. Whoa... very panai choose salmon sandwich! Knows his food well hahaha..... I love the duck confit in filo pastry. The pastry is really crunchy. Too bad they only serve two as it's Tea for Two and Two for Tea!

With da 3 guests for tea showed earlier, you need to plus 1 to make it FOUR for Tea!

We stayed for about 2 hours for our Traditional English Afternoon Tea as the kiddos were starting to make a fuss especially the young one (couldn't sit still!!). Before leaving, we explored The Marc Residence as there's interesting painting along the walkway and the water there gives vibrates a calm feeling with the weather being rainy and all. Nice!

All FOUR of us definitely enjoyed our Traditional English Afternoon Tea together and now must keep looking out at for this good deal!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Encorp Strand ~ Le Tapis Rouge (The Red Carpet)

The building that made me kept glancing back each time I passed by and wonder makes me wonder no more! On 15 September 2011, everyone was invited to attend their Carnivale - A Night of Celebration of Being Malaysian. It was also the night of The Red Carpet Avenue Grand Launch!

Le Tapis Rouge which means The Red Carpet in French is a versatile concept built around the experience of celebration.

Curiosity got the better of me that night. After dropping of my boy for his class, I went to nose around. The main entrance was cordoned off for VIPs. Noted though that there wasn't any signage to direct us "public visitors" where to enter. Not giving up easily since the banner said "All Are Welcome", I went to the side entrance and walked right in!! Actually it's the middle part (main stage area) that were only closed off for the VIPs and media. The other two sides of The Red Carpet Avenue is opened for all walks of life.

Yes yes this small kiddo followed me to check out the launch and got himself a balloon and flag :)

{At night, the Red Carpet wears its dress of Light,
in a nightlight scenography, enchanting "THE" place to celebrate}

Aptly phrase, it was indeed an enchanted moment seeing the beautiful structure being illuminated by the lights that throws shadows around.

While walking in thru the side entrance, I spotted these dancers who were warming up for the opening. Alas time was not on my side and I couldn't stay for the Grand Launch although I very much wanted too. Parental duties call first and I need to pick up my boy from class and also run some errands. Thus I left the place BUT not before I went and asked what's the lined up for the night hehehehe.....

pppssstttt..... after the launch which according to the signage will be graced by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, there will be some performances that will last till 1AM. So I'll be back!!

Hhhmm all along the walkway, I spotted these CUBE. Do you wanna know what it is?

If you're been an avid twitter follower, you may have read or seen some videos about these "The Cube".

The Cube was revealed this night at The Red Carpet. By Celcom, The Cube is the only mobile content portal that gives you the hottest tunes, latest buzz, games and much much more. Basically The Cube is EVERYTHING you need!!

There will be contests, tie-ins and more to give you an experience that is simply out of the BOX! :D Prick your curiosity? Find out more at

So as I said, I'll be back and back there I was and spotted some local artiste - Reshmonu, Bunkface, Azizat and you may want to help me to name them out LOL!

The launch, the night where we celebrate being Malaysian is also the night where we celebrate Malaysia Day. At the stroke of 12AM, fireworks went bam bam BOOM!! and everyone say :


Encorp Strand Red Carpet Avenue will be the place to see and be seen for it'll be a new dining and entertainment hub in Kota Damansara. Some tenants that I spotted that night includes Muzeum Restaurant, The Tranquerah, BARS etc...

The very next day, I was at that area again and took some shots. Some daylight shots for you to see.

this was the main entrance for the VIPs and media

you seen it dressed in light now it's bare @-@

You can find out more happening events by following Red Carpet Avenue - Encorp Strand.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Starry Starry Night ☆ ★ ☆

We were invited to attend a Private Function on a weekday. It's the birthday of my Yee Poh aka Lai Meng Yee to many of her fans out there. It was a wet wet evening as it rained very heavily in the evening. We were late but not too late lah for we travelled from one side of town to the other side with splatters of rain, puddles to avoid and traffic jams! On a normal non-rainy day, travel time will not be this long. This is the consequences of kay-el's traffic when it pours >.<

The party was in full swing where the guests has started on the buffet spread. We also started once we have settled ourselves.

Of course before we start on the wide array of food served, we have to greet and wish the Superstar herself.

In the midst of our food, there's a lady that went on stage to sing. I must admit I'm really really lousy with local artiste so to find out who this pretty lady was, I asked. Yep, I just asked one of my relative "who's that?"

And lo and behold, little did I realised that the singer on stage is a Beauty Queen turned Singer! She's non other than Soo Wincci. Orite, now I know who is she. Not bad her singing. From Mandarin, Malay to Hokkien, she can really sing! :)

With my limited understanding of Mandarin, apparently the longevity bun is made by Wincci herself that was presented to my Yee Poh for her birthday celebration. Not bad huh, not only can she sing, she can bake too.

Also spotted is Ms Astro Beauty Pageant runner-up, Josephine Goh aka Jojo. This I know coz my mum told me so hehehe..... Actually in my family, it was only my mum who knows whose who. When she points out to us that's so and so, we were all like huh, where, who?? hahahaha.... The gents in my family mostly watch sports channel. Me? I think if I do an analysis for a week, the number of hours I'm glued in front of the TV would be less than 1 hour! Even for that hour, it would be on a cartoon channel!! >o.o<

Now this guy looks familiar but I don't know his name. He was the MC for the night. He entertained us and threw some pretty personal questions for the floor to answer about Lai Meng. He did a good job for again with my limited understanding of Mandarin, I can understand!! LOL

Then it was time for the birthday girl to blow and cut her cake. Yee Poh very graciously called all September babies to join her on stage and if you remember me posting this, you'll then know why I'm up on stage as well :p

The birthday song started and didn't stop after two versions, it continued and I lost count at the 3rd time the song was sung. Eventually it stopped and Yee Poh cut her birthday cake. It was then sayonara for us as it was really late and the next day is a schooling cum working day.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mid Autumn Festival 2011

Didn't really celebrate Mid Autumn Festival this year. It was just another day as usual ~ Bangun Pagi, Gosok Gigi, Cuci Muka, Pakai Baju (get up in the morning, brush teeth, wash face, wear clothes...) and off to work!

Didn't even bought a piece of mooncake!! The prices were ridiculous high this year. A piece cost RM13++. If you go for more dainty "branded" mooncake, it cost almost similar or higher and smaller pieces than the usual size.

Upon reaching home, we brought the kids down to the playground to light some lanterns. Forgot totally to get them new lanterns this year! so recycle again lah....

This year, Caden dares to hold the lighted lantern but only for a short while.

Same goes for Cavan, only played with the lantern for a short while. It frustrates him when the candle kept blowing out! hehehehe..... Told us to get him those modern battery operated lantern next year @-@

After sorta forcing the two kiddos for some shots, we let them play at the playground. They had more fun playing at the playground than holding the lantern. Kids and the world they live in now! They don't seem to enjoy those stuff that we do when we were a kid their age!!

I was trying hard to spot the FULL MOON but alas this was the only nice shot of a FULL MOON that I saw and captured admist a very cloudy night that threatens to pour.

That's it for our Mid Autumn Festival this year.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Budget Hotel in KL

In my line of work, surfing for hotel or apartment rates are a norm. I'm sure you also surf around checking out various sites to see the rates offered, make a comparison to find the best deals before making reservation when you are going for a trip abroad.

Thus checking out rates on properties outside our own country is pretty familiar would you agree? How often do you get on-line and get into a website that offers deal in your very own country? It would be for your own survey if you intent to go "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" or it can be your referral to your friends when they are making a trip to visit you! :D

Alright I'm blah blah blah-ing away up there. I just wanted to tell you about this site that I came across. It's a Malaysia travel website that provides the right information that I was researching for and I found this which you may want to recommend to your friends and family. Usually when friends asked which hotel/apartment to stay at, I'll be scratching head and thinking hard to give them a good recommendation that does not burn a hole in the pocket.

Thus stumbling upon this Ibiz Hotel which is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city and easily accessible as the nearest LRT station is only 15 mins walk really helps! Not only it is suitable for leisure, business travellers that has offices near the area can be put up here as well. With the hype of smart phones nowadays, you'll be pleased to know that free wi-fi is provided admist the other normal hotel facilities! :D

Best part is the rate! Reasonably priced, it is definitely a great great deal as we get to enjoy hotel facilities without burning a hole in our pocket!

Now my friends aboard, you can check out this site yourself and plan your trip to visit me! With the savings we all can go and indulge ourselves silly with the wide array of Malaysian gourmet :))

note : image from the world wide web

Happy 2 Years Old Baby!

We sent out the invitation below few weeks ago to our family members and a few relatives. Unlike last year where we invited lots more guests, this year we limit the numbers as we had the party in our house and it's too small to accommodate all.

Try to guess what's the theme we did for lil Caden :)

YES!! It was Mickey Theme as you can obviously see now :))

self-made personalised Mickey head banner

close-up view of #2 = 2 years old

star of the day with his home made banners

We transformed our little home that day to this. Nothing overboard, just cluster of balloons here and there.

playing with our neighbour's kids at a dedicated "kids play corner"
We prepared simple food that day which came with individual food tag :
  • Roll on your Proteins with Grandma's famous fish paste egg roll (fish paste rolled with egg)
  • Indulge in Sweet Nothings to end your day Pretty & Sweet (jellies)
  • Fuel your body with Mickey-li-cious Carbo, 1 Potatoe, 2 Potatoes, 3 Potatoes, FOUR (mashed potatoes)
  • Dream of flying? Bite on these wings and fly with flying colours! (grill chicken wings)
  • Healthy body, healthy mind, eat your Vegetables (coleslaw)
  • Tantalise your tastebud with this spicy soury vermicelli fried to Toodles perfection! (fried tom yum mee hoon)
  • Style your own popiah. It can be folded, rolled or shape em up Mickey Way! (popiah corner)
On top of those food, we were also lucky and grateful for extra foodies. We had lemang/nasi empik, rendang chicken, peanut sauce and anchovies fried with sambal from my cousin sister. We celebrated Hari Raya as well hahahaha.... Not forgetting the yummi-li-cious chocolate cake baked by my neighbour! I believe our guests went home with a fulfilling tummy that evening.

Earlier in the day we went and collect the cake that I ordered from Dreamz Bakery in The Strand. We had Vanilla Layer Cake. I wanted them to draw an outline of Mickey head but alas the chef was on leave and thus it could not be done.

However fret not as mummy me thought of something! I prepared the outline of Mickey Head and had them sprinkle cocoa powder and taa-daa, we have Mickey Head in line with the overall theme (puzzles me why they can't "do up" an outline of Mickey Head and do the same when I asked them too). Did you spot the Mickey Head?? and oh yah the mini bunting is also DIY :D

Now, rewind rewind back to the first food picture. Did you spot Mickey Head there as well? This one is green in colour on the mash potatoes. You did? Well done! hehehehe.....

Birthday boy was not in a cheerful mood for he was battling sleepiness that evening. We hurriedly got him to blow his candles before he nod off!

Caden trying to show 2 fingers indicating he is 2 years old!

...he huff and puff and on the 3rd try he blew the candles off himselves WITHOUT any assistance! Bravo my lil darling.

Since Caden slept after blowing and having some of his cakes. Brother Cavan helped to distribute the party favours to the kiddos. You still remember this? Yes, we made these Pinatas specially for this day.

Later that night when everyone has left and the house had returned to normalcy, I saw my little one went into the study room. Not long after, I heard tearing of papers and I went in to check on him for I'm afraid he tears the wrong stuff! Little did I realised that Caden was actually tearing off wrapping papers!! I totally forgot that we placed all his pressies in that room!

It surprises and amazes me that he knows those beautifully wrapped gifts are his to begin with! Asked him to bring all his gifts out to the hall to open and he did. One by one he carried it out and began the process of revealing his birthday gifts.

After each gifts was opened, he took a step back and went WWAAAAHHHH!!!!


You're growing up way too fast and learning more and more each day. You never stop surprising us each day. Although your vocabulary is limited now but you're very "chatty" and understands English and Cantonese well.

Daddy, Mummy and Koko wish you healthy and happy always!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pinata ~ Pinatas

Been busy past couple of weeks preparing this.....

You have to get your hands gooey and yucky - paper mache on balloons. Not a pretty sight huh.

What about this? All prep up with lotsa colours!

Made several of these mini pinata instead of a big one and threw in some goodies inside. Let's take a peek....

Sugar overload!

Now there you have another party favour idea for kiddos! :)

Toodles! Tomorrow gonna be a fun fun day!!

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