Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tokyo Street @ Pavillion KL

Last weekend, we went off to one of Japan's famous street smack right in our very own golden triangle ~ Tokyo Street in Pavillion KL. Been reading and hearing about this new place in town and finally we made it there! :)

On the way towards Tokyo Street which is located on Level 6 of Pavillion KL tucked away in a corner, we saw lots of Sakura :))

The shops are dainty selling various Japanese stuff.

I spotted Daiso. Left hubs with the small kiddo and went into to check out shelf by shelf hahahaha.... Been quite sometime since I last stepped into any Daiso shop and found some new and interesting stuff :)

Came out and look see look see at the other shops before getting ourselves some Japanese ice-cream.

You are to choose your fruit (flavour) and they will on the spot make it into ice-cream for you. They had a Buy 2 get 1 Free promo, worth it right? So we ordered-lah!.....

I choose Blueberries and Strawberries. My friend choose Strawberries and I forgot what's the other fruit (*doink!!*) and Cavan choose only Mango.

Mine was sour so was my friend's. Really natural. Although sour I like it! Cavan's is the safest of the flavour coz he's was Mango and it was yumz once you placed it in your mouth.

And so this wrap up our short trip to Tokyo Street not in Japan but right here in Kay-el city! :)


Nikel Khor said...


prince n princess mum said...

So many ppl going this place recently!~

Shuwen said...

omg i oso want ice cream now T___T

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