Sunday, August 07, 2011

Taman Botani, Putrajaya

I went to Taman Botani in Putrajaya last month for Company's Team Building. It's worth going again with the whole family as it's a nice place to hang out while exploring the many flora and fauna :) Bicycles are available for rent too if you want to cycle instead of walking the entire park.

Didn't managed to take many photos as most of the photos taken are for the Team Building's questions. We went on a hunt for clues.

map of the whole park

nice view from the lakeside

one of the many beautiful fauna

Hey! we spotted Mickey Mouse! Did you know Mickey Mouse has a plant? Well, now you do!! :)

and this is how Mickey Mouse plant looks like :))

We also saw Adam's beard @-@

Do give this Taman Botani a visit. It's a good environment to teach/intro kids to the world of flora and fauna. You can get more information on Taman Botani here.


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