Monday, August 08, 2011

Penang Getaway

Before I go on and post our getaway to Cherating, this must comes first for we went to Penang two weeks before Cherating trip. The purpose to Penang this time is to attend my SIL father's birthday.

Besides the birthday luncheon, the only place we managed to visit is Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera and it was a 4D3N trip! Most of the time we were in the car mostly due to jam or slow traffic >.<

The first night for dinner we had Indian cuisine and along the road I spotted this. Pathway for bicycle. Hhmm... found it nice and something new (jakun hor me...hehehe) coz I've never came across such signage in KL. Have you?

The second day we attended the birthday luncheon and thereafter paid a visit to chow rasta to grab some sour mangoes. Cavan brought along all his homework and thus we stayed at home to finish the homework and then a swim at the pool before going out for dinner.

The third day, we brought the kids to Penang Hill. They recently had a makeover and its nice but system still the same, no improvement :( Waiting area is so so so hot!!!

Spend the whole afternoon on the hill as we met a Singaporean gentlemen who is very friendly. Hubby and him chatted away while we just had our Ais Kacang and walk here and there enjoying the slightly cool breeze.

By the time we went downhill it was already evening and we went to Him Heang to grab some biscuits. First time queing for biscuits. Should have called and make booking earlier. We went to scout hawker food for dinner that night and it was yummy :)

The fourth and last day no need to guess lor, it's time to head back home. We stopped by Taiping and it was heavy rain! Need to plan another trip to explore Taiping in detail.

Grasshopper that you can buy for just RM1 in Penang Hill


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