Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homecraft Thai Food

We were fortunate to receive an invitation from one of my hubby's friend to go over to their house to join them for an afternoon of lovely home crafted Thai food. This is authentic Thai food for his wife is a Thai national.

Now let's feast your eyes on the food we had that afternoon...

She cooked all of these by herself and not in the picture is chicken massaman and seafood tomyam. Really salute her for preparing all the dishes and having to take care of her baby as well.

Stir fried asparagus with juicy big prawns

Stir fried meat with sweet basil leaves

"son in law" aka duck egg in secret recipe sauce

stir fried bamboo shoots with meat and sweet basil leaves (if not wrong)

fried egg with i dunno what's the herb's name *hahahaha*

seafood tomyam with generous mushrooms and assortments of seafood

And the STAR of all the dishes - Chicken Massaman. My very first time eating this dish. The uniqueness of it is, it is cooked with nutmeg seed and the gravy contains peanut! Very flavourful. This is a Southern Thai dish that is Muslim in origin and is the #1 on CNN's food list. Chicken meat can be substituted with beef as well.

We also had durians as dessert besides the jelly and ubi bingka. Durians straight from the ochard ~ yummy yummy :))

Thank you again for having us to join in the fun and fellowship that afternoon. We went home with a fulfilled tummy :D


ken said...

simple yet looking delicious.. homecooked is the best, thai-style is better.. but i don't like tomyam tho :P

Sonny & Araya Chang's Family said...
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SonnyRuthAnyaChang Family said...

The herbs that applied with fried egg is "Cha Om" - Acacia Pennata, can found it Jusco.


Henry Tan said...

stir fried bamboo shoot! =DD

Merryn said...

burp... see oso can feel so full dy! got duck eggs lagi!

prince n princess mum said...

So yummy!

life-muses said...

hi ken, nice of you to drop by :)
what a waster! tomyam my favourite!!

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