Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gong Fu Kitchen

On one cold Friday evening, we went round scouting for an eatery to warm our lil tummies. After a few rounds, we decided to try out Gong Fu Kitchen at The Strand Damansara.

Since I was feeling cold, I ordered the mince meat and shrimps "mui choy" in claypot. The portion is rather small. Thus if you're really hungry or a big eater, this is definitely not enough for you. Taste wise I like it coz it's aromatic and I like "mui choy" in general :)

Hubby ordered the spare ribs rice in claypot. He found it so so only. So compared to mine, I'll say my score is higher :)

We also ordered a soup. Dang! I forgot the actual name of this soup but it contains meat as you can see and black fungus.

Gong Fu Kitchen claims to be MSG free thus their soup is not salty and in their menu it states that if you are not used to the authentic taste of their GuangDong soup, you can add some salt to it.

We didnt add any salt and yes it's a bit bland if you're used to heavy taste. I find it clear and sweet and you really taste the ingredients in there. So okay lah for me!

Overall, the food is nice so yes I'll visit again and try out other dishes in the near future :)


Merryn said...

The Strand? ooo.. me werking place :D

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