Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cinta Ria @ DJ

Food post again. Well everyday we need to eat right and the easiest to capture :)

Ok so this time we attended a relative baby full moon party at Cinta Ria @ DJ.

Let me show you some, just some of the foodies we had there. **I actually filled my tummy first then only went round to shot a few pictures, the reason why the food display has been touched and not in it's proper state.

love the colours of this salad

wide array of choices from spring chicken, fresh button mushroom,
spaghetti, nasi kunyit, curry chicken, etc...

there's even 2 type of lamb - one baked the other roasted. hhmm... looking back at this photo, the lamb bone looks like it's been gnawed at! hahahaha.....

satay, an all time favourite Malaysian fare

... and I spotted this! lovely colours. Would you say so too?

I had other stuff there, all yummy and delicious but cant show it all here.

Next time you're in that area, go and try out Cinta Ria @ DJ and give your support. It's opened by my relative and no I'm not paid to blog bout this!


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