Monday, August 15, 2011

Cherating Getaway

Last week I posted something on Do Re Mi... so now here's the snap shot of that get-a-way.

Each mid-year school holiday, we make it a point to bring our kids to the beach. Which kid don't like beach you tell me? Just give them pail, spade, sand and water and they will be happily playing whole day long! :)

This time we went back to Cherating but stayed in a different hotel. It has been 2 years since that last trip and I still remember vividly that I was heavily pregnant with Caden then.

My parents and niece joined us this trip. We started off our journey with breakfast at Karak's famous coffee shop - Yik Kee Restaurant. Chomped down some durian bomb and we're ready to begin the long journey to Kuantan town.

Upon arrival at Kuantan, we went to have the famous Hoi Yin Curry Mee at Teluk Cempedak Beach. Took a short stroll at the windy beach and headed to Holiday Villa Cherating to check-in and rest before heading the beach!

our villa @ Holiday Villa Cherating

When evening dawn on us we headed to the beach. Caden was all out this time having been familiar with the feel of sand on his tiny feet and the sound of waves during our previous outings to Port Dickson and Desaru.

He had a gala time on the beach. Playing with his brother and running around the beach (and us having to chase after him as he head straight to the big big sea!!)

The next day we went into Kemaman Town and had out fix of Hai Peng famous coffee and Nasi Dagang. I still don't fancy Nasi Dagang. Gimme Nasi Lemak anytime and I'll chomped it down! hehehe....

Along the way we also stopped and bought some keropok lekor.

Freshly made lekors

We visited the Turtle Sanctuary but alas it was closed! What a bummer for the kiddos. They had on display two baby turtles in a rectangle basin for you to view @-@.

Other than that we cruise here and there during mid-day before heading back to the resort to hit the beach and pool.

All in all we had a nice and pleasant 3D2N get-a-way to Cherating. Will definitely come back again!!

Father and son

Before I end this post, I want to share with you this photo which I love very very much! :))

Brothers embrace ❤ ❤


Merryn said...

the last pic is lovely! <3

Henry Tan said...

how much izit the accommodation?
i heard is expensive there?

life-muses said...

Henry - we got it quite cheap. around RM185 nett for the chalet :)

winnie mak said...

what the different between nasi dagang and nasi lemak?

life-muses said...

erm nasi dagang you need to pour gravy over it. i think the rice itself is different? go google it up Winnie! hahaha...

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