Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Arisu @ Kota Damansara

We celebrated hubby's birthday at Arisu this year. It seems to me that I always bring my hubs for Korean food on his birthday! hahahaha....

It was just a simple celebration. Instead of cooking at home we went out to have our dinner. Pretty simple right? Our usual orders :


meats for BBQ

kimchi soup

and not forgetting the endless side dishes...

While enjoying our dinner, we were surprised when they serve this dish to us.....

scrambled egg in hot pot!

We got not one but TWO of this and it was very very yummy!!.... basic and simple egg dish! :) This is something very different from the usual free pancake (pizza) serve in other Korean restaurant.

Back home we had a few slices of cakes for the birthday boy to blow the candles.

the big boy and small boys in my live

muacks muacks and happy birthday to daddy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY and I hope you enjoyed your dinner!


LauraLeia said...

The Korean food looks delicious! I normally avoid them because it looks like lots of veges and little meat, but looking at your pics just might change my mind. XD

Phoebe Tay said...

you guys look shoo cute (: hahaha.

life-muses said...

go go LauraLeia, go try it's nice :)

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