Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cinta Ria @ DJ

Food post again. Well everyday we need to eat right and the easiest to capture :)

Ok so this time we attended a relative baby full moon party at Cinta Ria @ DJ.

Let me show you some, just some of the foodies we had there. **I actually filled my tummy first then only went round to shot a few pictures, the reason why the food display has been touched and not in it's proper state.

love the colours of this salad

wide array of choices from spring chicken, fresh button mushroom,
spaghetti, nasi kunyit, curry chicken, etc...

there's even 2 type of lamb - one baked the other roasted. hhmm... looking back at this photo, the lamb bone looks like it's been gnawed at! hahahaha.....

satay, an all time favourite Malaysian fare

... and I spotted this! lovely colours. Would you say so too?

I had other stuff there, all yummy and delicious but cant show it all here.

Next time you're in that area, go and try out Cinta Ria @ DJ and give your support. It's opened by my relative and no I'm not paid to blog bout this!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poon Kee Dessert @ The Strand

Give me a bowl of dessert anytime of the day. I won't say NO :D

Sadly these days in Kay-el city, it's hard to find those stalls that used to be under those big trees selling bowls of sweet dessert and snacks. I so miss those times when my dad brings me to the stall and we sat at make shift tables and enjoy our bowl of dessert and snacks.

Nowadays design and packaging takes over and comfort of the guests. With comfort comes high price and may not necessary gives you good quality!

One of the late afternoons, we were craving for dessert and the only dessert place that I know that also serves snacks is the one is Kepong Baru. Not wanting to go that far, we again scouted around The Strand and stumbled upon this dessert shop ~ Poon Kee Dessert.

Parked our car and went in. Before stepping fully into the shop, I spotted this brick mortar and went and peeked. It's selling "chee cheong fun" Good! there's snack for us to munch :)

Caden went thru the whole menu and had a fun time making orders.

Now let's see what he ordered for us that day....

For daddy and mummy to share, he ordered a bowl of peanut cum black sesame dessert. It's called "Tai-chi". There's a big image of it on the wall but the actual came out looking different >.<

For the brother, he chose Mango Lolo. I still think having this type of flavoured shaft ice should go to 100 yen shop. It's more value for money there.

Now unto snacks, we ordered some chee cheong fun and fried popiah. The chee cheong fun is nice. The sauce taste great and for the popiah, the filling is a lot! I know some eateries you mostly only eat the popiah skin, but this one you can taste the filling. I loike :)

Overall, we found a dessert stall that is close to us, authentic, reasonably priced and yeah I'll be back! :))

Gong Fu Kitchen

On one cold Friday evening, we went round scouting for an eatery to warm our lil tummies. After a few rounds, we decided to try out Gong Fu Kitchen at The Strand Damansara.

Since I was feeling cold, I ordered the mince meat and shrimps "mui choy" in claypot. The portion is rather small. Thus if you're really hungry or a big eater, this is definitely not enough for you. Taste wise I like it coz it's aromatic and I like "mui choy" in general :)

Hubby ordered the spare ribs rice in claypot. He found it so so only. So compared to mine, I'll say my score is higher :)

We also ordered a soup. Dang! I forgot the actual name of this soup but it contains meat as you can see and black fungus.

Gong Fu Kitchen claims to be MSG free thus their soup is not salty and in their menu it states that if you are not used to the authentic taste of their GuangDong soup, you can add some salt to it.

We didnt add any salt and yes it's a bit bland if you're used to heavy taste. I find it clear and sweet and you really taste the ingredients in there. So okay lah for me!

Overall, the food is nice so yes I'll visit again and try out other dishes in the near future :)

Arisu @ Kota Damansara

We celebrated hubby's birthday at Arisu this year. It seems to me that I always bring my hubs for Korean food on his birthday! hahahaha....

It was just a simple celebration. Instead of cooking at home we went out to have our dinner. Pretty simple right? Our usual orders :


meats for BBQ

kimchi soup

and not forgetting the endless side dishes...

While enjoying our dinner, we were surprised when they serve this dish to us.....

scrambled egg in hot pot!

We got not one but TWO of this and it was very very yummy!!.... basic and simple egg dish! :) This is something very different from the usual free pancake (pizza) serve in other Korean restaurant.

Back home we had a few slices of cakes for the birthday boy to blow the candles.

the big boy and small boys in my live

muacks muacks and happy birthday to daddy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY and I hope you enjoyed your dinner!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tokyo Street @ Pavillion KL

Last weekend, we went off to one of Japan's famous street smack right in our very own golden triangle ~ Tokyo Street in Pavillion KL. Been reading and hearing about this new place in town and finally we made it there! :)

On the way towards Tokyo Street which is located on Level 6 of Pavillion KL tucked away in a corner, we saw lots of Sakura :))

The shops are dainty selling various Japanese stuff.

I spotted Daiso. Left hubs with the small kiddo and went into to check out shelf by shelf hahahaha.... Been quite sometime since I last stepped into any Daiso shop and found some new and interesting stuff :)

Came out and look see look see at the other shops before getting ourselves some Japanese ice-cream.

You are to choose your fruit (flavour) and they will on the spot make it into ice-cream for you. They had a Buy 2 get 1 Free promo, worth it right? So we ordered-lah!.....

I choose Blueberries and Strawberries. My friend choose Strawberries and I forgot what's the other fruit (*doink!!*) and Cavan choose only Mango.

Mine was sour so was my friend's. Really natural. Although sour I like it! Cavan's is the safest of the flavour coz he's was Mango and it was yumz once you placed it in your mouth.

And so this wrap up our short trip to Tokyo Street not in Japan but right here in Kay-el city! :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Citta Mall

We went to Citta Mall after attending a relative's full moon party. Been hearing the name of this new mall and seen banners around but not really knowing exactly where it is located until yesterday while around Ara Damansara area that I spotted this mall.

The concept is similar to Desa Park City, Kepong. Only that Citta Mall is bigger and wider. It's gonna be the next great hang out place for yum-cha as there's so many cafes and eateries there.

It's not fully open yet and this is only some of those that we captured :

I'll definitely be going back to Citta Mall to hang out and get myself a cuppa from one of the cafes there. I'm lovin it already although the mall is not fully occupied todate.

Leaving you now with a pana view of Citta Mall :)

Citta Mall
No. 1 Jalan PJU1A/48
PJU 1A, Ara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Coffee Chemistry Cafe (again!)

Remember about this coffee gem I blogged about 2 months back? Well I've went back a couple of times but didn't take any photos. This time, my family went to tried their breakfast set and I brought my camera along. So apa lagi? Snap snap, eat eat and slurp slurp time :p

Actually this is a random post coz I find the photos above too lovely to be stored away! hahahaha.....

Yeah I know I'm thick face!! :p *bluek*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homecraft Thai Food

We were fortunate to receive an invitation from one of my hubby's friend to go over to their house to join them for an afternoon of lovely home crafted Thai food. This is authentic Thai food for his wife is a Thai national.

Now let's feast your eyes on the food we had that afternoon...

She cooked all of these by herself and not in the picture is chicken massaman and seafood tomyam. Really salute her for preparing all the dishes and having to take care of her baby as well.

Stir fried asparagus with juicy big prawns

Stir fried meat with sweet basil leaves

"son in law" aka duck egg in secret recipe sauce

stir fried bamboo shoots with meat and sweet basil leaves (if not wrong)

fried egg with i dunno what's the herb's name *hahahaha*

seafood tomyam with generous mushrooms and assortments of seafood

And the STAR of all the dishes - Chicken Massaman. My very first time eating this dish. The uniqueness of it is, it is cooked with nutmeg seed and the gravy contains peanut! Very flavourful. This is a Southern Thai dish that is Muslim in origin and is the #1 on CNN's food list. Chicken meat can be substituted with beef as well.

We also had durians as dessert besides the jelly and ubi bingka. Durians straight from the ochard ~ yummy yummy :))

Thank you again for having us to join in the fun and fellowship that afternoon. We went home with a fulfilled tummy :D

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