Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yikes!! Roaches...

Those who know me will know that Im pretty scared of roaches especially those big 'homey' types, add on if the roach flies past! yikes!!

But I am pleased to say that this roach is pretty cool. See I'm even holding it on my palm :))


Having said this, PLEASE DO NOT produce any REAL roaches in front ok me kay. This is purely plastic roach that Cavan got from his party pack! A different gift idea for those who are gamed enuf for it :D BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop


Merryn said...

That is so disgusting! I got scared when your blog loads and saw that roach! Ish.... @_@

life-muses said...

hahahaha.... chill down chill down... :D i would not hold a real one..

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