Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Teacher's Day 2011

From Mother's Day, we now fast forward to Teacher's Day :)

Been cracking my head for idea. Wanted Cavan to do something himself to present to his teachers. Finally got an idea of a DIY flower which was improvised by Alicia when I shared the idea with her.

The outcome - a happy mummy, happy Cavan and hopefully happy teacher(s)!

Close up shot

holding up the gigantic flower for Teacher's Day


Thank you for being there for my boy, guiding him through in his work and help shaping him up to a better future!

Ooh in case you're wondering the materials used for this gigantic flower, it's foam for the yellow petal, normal colour paper for the red petal (front and back), felt for the leaves, cute button and my leftover chopsticks from my wedding favour! hahahaha.... This is what you call recycle!! :p


alamanda said...

nice flower .. for got or not ? hahahha see u on the 23 rd ok

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