Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My 'lil Caden + an internal nose cut

My dear Caden,

You gave us a scare last Saturday, July 23rd when you accidently knock yourself against the coffee table edge. Mummy thought you bumped your forehead and immediately took ice and wrapped it with towel to reduce the sweal. You appeared to be okay but when mummy saw blood trickling down your right nose, mummy went into panic mode!

It was then daddy and mummy decided to bring you back to the Accident & Emergency Unit of DSH. This day is also your Poh Poh's actual birthday and we were preparing to receive guest for a small family gathering.

All was well after you calmed down, drank your milk and fell asleep. We heave relief too soon for you awoke crying after 30 mins of nap with blood trickling down your nose again. This time we were really scared and decided to bring you to the child specialist. Alas it was close thus we went to the normal GP. The GP looked into your nose and said it's swollen but dare not touch you further for he feared you may have fractured your nose!!

Luckily traffic was smooth all the way to the hospital and it was not crowded. We checked you thru registration and before long the doctor attended to you. One look into your nose and he said there's a cut there. Doctor showed it to daddy too. Mummy asked if there's anything fractured and this kind doctor said nothing but only a cut. What comfort when we heard this news! :)

The doctor further explained that the actual bone is actually higher and nothing near where you bumped yourself. Makes daddy and mummy wonder at the earlier doctor's comment hhmmm hhmmm.....

While waiting for the bill and medication, you started to behave your normal self and waltz out of the hospital smiling away.

Caden, keep on smiling for you are truly our bundle of joy! Your smile melts our heart . Mummy Daddy and Koko love you very much *muacks muacks*

May this incident reminds you to be always careful as you're quite accident prone! :))



Kah Lai said...

Keep on the sunny side...and be more careful :)

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