Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day has long came and gone and now only I'm blogging about it! sshheeshhh I really need to buck up in my postings!

As usual the date and time marked off and away I go to Cavan's kindy to celebrate Mother's Day. We were given a hair band to decorate together and taa-daa our outcome....

Can you spot it? I made Cavan wear it for a photo of us together hehehehe......

Went round his class to see his work and spotted this :

Besides his name that I recognise, I dunno what's written! shhhh... I'm a "banana" alrite :p I like the drawing of our family. He includes his lil brother sitting in his stroller. Can you spot me in his drawing. I guess it's about FAMILY for I see all of us there, a house, tree and Mr. Sunshine :)

Before I left his kindy and headed to work, Cavan told me that I need to wear the hair band when I'm out and about!

Mummy not that gusto yah, so I wore it at home, took a picture and posted it on FB. There's comments there if you want to find out more, gotta scroll a long long way down tho. Right now, my mother's day hair band is safely kept in my treasure box! :)


prince n princess mum said...

Wah.. can write chinese character so well! Well done!

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