Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Let's Craft!

Every Saturday morning it's NOT a sleep in day for me....

Every Saturday morning I get up early to sterilised milk bottles, tidy up the house a bit and prepare for the day's activities....

Why so early? Not that I DON'T WANT to sleep in, but we have to send Cavan to his art & craft class at Crafty Crafted Studio.

He enjoys his time there with his teacher and friends and takes pride in his work. Here showcasing some of his work he did on Saturdays. There's more but I'm too lazy to place it all and take the photos.

Besides art and craft, he also enjoys getting his face painted! I believe he asked his teacher where to buy those face paints for he wants me to paint him or him painting his lil brother! @-@

I'm also interested to get my hands dirty and do all the stuff he does in his class but I need to babysit my lil one so maybe when Caden is older then we all join in the fun together!!


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