Monday, July 11, 2011

Kuala Selangor Fishing Village

Sunday evening and nothing else better to do, don't know where to go, don't know what to eat, we decided to drive down to Kuala Selangor for some look around and makan-makan.

On the way so very tempted to check-in at Penjara Sg. Buloh (jail) in Foursquare :p Cruise here and there and finally landed at this fishing village. I believe it's the heart of Kuala Selangor's town. Lanes are small, cars aplenty and we had a hard time searching for a parking spot!!

Abundant seafood restaurants along the way, some by the main road some you have to drive in really small lanes to get to the restaurant. Took my pick and tried out this Restaurant Kuala Sungai.

Glad to say that my pick turned out not bad. Will definitely give this restaurant a visit again in the very near future and need more "kakis" so that we can order more food!

very 'young' coconut ~ natural sweet juice and tender coconut flesh

As it was only four of us (2 adults & 2 kids), we were not able to order more dishes. We choose to have fried meehoon with lala (single serving), fried squid, fried vege and kam heong bamboo shoot. These plus two coconuts and the total bill came up to RM45! Cheap or not??

Took some shots around the restaurant (yeah we were sitting by the riverside) and the kiddos spotted this birdie....

Definitely will make another trip there and this time to visit more places in Kuala Selangor before heading to the restaurant for dinner :)


Kenny Kong said...

Hi Karen,
Didn't know you able to do very good blogging with photos. Really impressed with your writings and photography skills.
Keep it up :))

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