Sunday, July 17, 2011

Floria 2011 @ Putrajaya

We were there, at the Putrajaya Floria 2011 in the evening and it's packed!! Had a tough time locating a parking spot.

one of the many beautiful bridges in Putrajaya

Couldn't miss these at all. Once you are at the main area of the festival, there's rows and rows of these balloons. I feel happy just looking at em! Each time we will end up buying it. This round it's two so that both boys won't fight over it. Good thing comes in two eh? :)

We ventured first to the outdoor part before heading indoor to the super cold air-conditioned room. There's just so much to see and just ooh so much to snap! Colourful in all shapes and sizes!

There's one particular garden where if I'm not wrong, KL Bird Park people are there for you to snap photos with birds and snakes! yikes!!... once I spotted those sssssss creatures, I went back out!!

There's display from various states and countries and all of them are so lovely. The only disappointment I felt is not staying back for the fireworks.

Ooh yes my Master Cavan kept on asking bout the fireworks but dear boy it's just too long to stay and wait for it. We target for New Year to watch fireworks okay if there's none coming up the next few months... Decided then to head over to Alamanda Shopping Centre to grab our dinner before heading home.

We had some flaming food at The Manhattan Fish Market. After filling up our lil tummies, it's time to bade Putrajaya adios.

.....but not before having a goofing session with the two kiddos. Here's Caden is making ssshhh (to quiet down) action but dunno why this time he held up two fingers and it looks like he's stuffing it up his nose! yeuw!.... hahahaha...

At the end, both kiddos ended up sleeping all the way home with mouth open WIDE! LOL :p


prince n princess mum said...

You didn't c the parade? it's nice..

Merryn said...

i did not get to see the daytime flowers.. arrived there shortly before 8.30pm :(

life-muses said...

parade and fireworks, we went back the next coming up! :)

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