Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Durians ooh ooh Durians!

Been craving for durians since last week. Not helping is when I'm logged into FB and see those status updates and photos of my friends and acquaintances devouring durians! >.<

Yesterday night when Cavan came back from his music lesson, he asked me "Mummy, do you want to eat durian afterwards?" My response (no need to guess lah hehehe..) was "YES!!!"

So we went to one of the two new stalls that opened at one of the Field near our housing area.

Durians aplenty! Step out of the car and immediately your senses will kick in with the strong aroma of the King of Fruits!

Nearby the table that I sat, I spotted this huge durian. It's not those expensive type of durian class but just a normal kampung durian. I have not since such huge kampung durian, have you?

Real and heavy kampung durian. It's definitely not fake!

Then it was indulge time, thus am leaving this with you to salivate!! :p

Adios Amigos!


Cynthia said...

oh.. my love to durian is never die!! loves them to the max!

life-muses said...

hello Cynthia, nice of you to drop by :)

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