Saturday, July 09, 2011

Disney Junior : AHOY to Never Land!

This was the day we have been eagerly waiting for, well at least ME, I was eagerly anticipating for this day! LOL!!

Woke up early very early to prepare everyone for a journey with Disney Junior to Ahoy to Never Land!

While the kiddos were busy checking out the horses around for the Disney Junior Ahoy to Never Land was held in Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club, the mummy was busy checking out this!

You tell me, ain't it just so cutey cutey CUTE?!! hahahaha..... I just lurve all things Disney, told you before right...

Besides checking all the cuteness surrounding me, I also needed to register our family and 'lil did I know that our invitation was under the MEDIA :D

cheh! action :p

The field was transformed to a carnival like style which reminded me of all those events I organised for my ex-Company. No nooo I was not attached to any event management company. It's family day for the staff and their family that we planned donkey years ago! Nostalgia a bit when I saw the place *sob* *sob* didn't realised I missed all those carnival theme planning so much!!

Anyway Disney Junior kick-off and the kiddos were given a treasure map to hunt "treasure" ie. collect 4 stamps after completing certain task to redeem their goodie bag.

So Caden hung out with his daddy while Cavan and mummy scrambled from one point to the other to finish those task while sweating buckets! The weather was lovely but too hot for my liking. Well maybe it's also because the day before I was walking for a few hours straight doing Company's teambuilding but luckily in shady areas.

We completed the tasks and Cavan gets to redeem his goodie bag. The hat he's wearing is part of the goodies he received from Disney Junior.

I found this goodie to be the coolest ever goodies received!

We were also whisked off to the Club House to be treated a scrumptious lunch! Wah.. cool-nyer. Didnt expect to have lunch catered for us.

The highlight for me is taking a family photo with my all time favourite character - Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

Our happy family with lovelies Mickey & Minnie

There! We dont have to go all the way to Disneyland to see them live. We saw them here in Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club! Right here on Malaysia land! LOL...

Now don't forget to catch Disney Junior happening this Monday, July 11th and premiering together with Disney Junior is Jake and the Never Land Pirates! REMEMBER to catch it on Astro 613 @ 1pm. Cavan was happily singing to the tune of Jake and the Never Land Pirates by the time we went home!

If you want to know more about Disney Junior, check out this interview with Ms Nancy Kanter, GM of Disney Junior.

AHOY!!! Let's GO!!...............


Merryn said...

okay lah... i so da jeles that u guys got that camera.. huhuhu.. i so needed that badly when i was in Redang! >_<

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