Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Theme Day : Insect

I never remember during my kindy days of having theme days nor fruits and vege day or what nots. Mum, did I had such days during my days??

Cavan's kindy has theme days and the latest before the school break was Insects. Again he requested to become a spider. Last year he requested for it but due to him having so high expectations *ahem ahem*, his spider became a grasshopper instead which he drew himself! I'm pretty impressed with his drawing orite and found it kyoot too :)

I was feeling a bit bad coz I dont spend much time with him getting stuff ready for his theme days. Since it's his last year of kindy, I thought why not do something different and really "craft" it out!

So here's our Spider outfit this year --> taa-daaaa!! please dont laugh yah...

Me and my spider outfit

Am all out to get you! Don't worry, I'm a friendly spider :)

Spotted the difference? I added on a piece of brown felt lined with orange strips to cover his original teddy mosaic on the front of his shirt.

Looking back now, it's kinda eeriee.....yikes!! hahahaa.....and I think it turn out to be more like a tarantula! still spider family so okay-lah :p


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Lola said...

Cool, I love the legs!

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