Friday, June 03, 2011

Smart Kids 2011 : 15 - 17 April 2011

With your first born, you're usually excited and I'm no different in this area :) When Cavan was still a baby, I attended our first Smart Kids Fair and signed him up before we left hehehehe.....

The subsequent years we didnt attend as I felt he's too young to understand and partake in the activities. This year however is a different story. He's already 5+ years old and thus we brought him there with little brother Caden who's just contented taking in the sights and sounds and munching on biscuits given out!

Yes! it's the largest kids' education fair and you get to know and see and speak to various organisations dealing with kids affair and try out new products.

As it was quite a last minute decision to go, I didnt sign up earlier for the Boarding Pass. Luckily the que was not long and we obtained our Boarding Pass quite fast!

There's this huge billboard of worldwide map that has cute cute characters of children around the world. A must to take a shot here. And ooh yah, the theme for this year's Smart Kids Fair is Festival Fiesta : Celebrating the World.

Did you spot the difference? And no it's not me and lil brother is now in the picture! It's Cavan's t-shirt. It's different! Alright, go ahead scroll up and take a look at the picture on top and scroll back down here to see it :) :p

We went not only one day but the next day as well! Two days in a row!! that's how excited Cavan was when we asked him the next day where you want to go. His reply "Smart Kids"!!

Lotsa huge character billboard for you to snap away happily. Cavan is being served drink by the stewardess on board Smart Kids Plane! :)

There's also this huge billboard where you can poke your head thru and snap away. Caden didnt quite like it thus his annoyed "crumple" look LOL!

The highlight of the event was the mobile rock climbing organised by Munchies. Purchase their biscuits, you get a stamp on your hand and can participate in the rock climbing. He insisted to try it out and thus there we were queing up and boy it was a long long long long que!!.......

All ready with safety gear in place and still waiting for this turn.. told you it was a long long long long que didnt I?

There's rock climbing competition to see who has the fastest record time climbing up to ring the bell on top. As Cavan was just intersted to try out rock climbing, we choose the other line - just to climb not joining the contest.

Need to eat more lah, can't even haul himself up. I sometimes wonder where his energy went when he need it. Tantrum time banyak kuat (strong) but now iishh.. pull yourself up boy!!

We also spotted a booth that sells Mr. Bean merchandise ranging from notepads, wrapping papers, colour pencils to pencils. We fell in lurve with it and bought a pack home. Kyoot or not? Best of all the pencils are made of eco friendly stuff ie. rolled newspaper thus when you drop the pencil, the lead wont break easily!

We also saw a string of characters walking around and managed to stop Mr Smart Kid himself for a shot.

Now we wait for Smart Kids 2012!


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