Monday, June 20, 2011

Singapore Business Trip

I was down in the Lion City - Singapore for a week towards end of March 2011. It was for a 4 days training cum 1 day meeting at our Asia Head Office.

Took the earlier flight down to SG to meet up with my classmate Andrew who recently went down to SG to work. After checking into Parkroyal on Kitchener Road and unloading my stuff, I headed out to the streets and spend a whooping 6 hours on feet!!
We started by going to the famous Orchard Road, popping in and out of the malls. On the roadside, spotted old folks selling ice-cream. A bit pitiful sight as the old folks are still working for a living. On the positive side, they are an active lot! Costing SG1, I opted for my ice-cream on wafer although the famous is ice-cream bun which I find too filling.

From there we proceeded to Marina Bay Sands (MBS). From walking on the street, to taking the convenient MRT, to undergrounds which don't feel at all as though I'm dunno how many feet down under, we arrived at Marina Bay Sands and it was a lovely sight!

Spend about two there I guess thus I saw both the day and night scene. Was also lucky to watch the water laser show which was fabulous.
By the time I'm back to the hotel, I'm dead tired and thus rested for a full 4 days training ahead. The next couple of days were spend in the hotel itself. Each night will see me meeting my classmate Andrew, another friend Meng, my sister in law and ex + current colleague while checking out the many sites in SG.

Part of the attendees of the 4 days training having dinner together

I went to Newton Food Centre as well as the Singapore Flyer. Dinner tastes better at the Singapore Flyer and I'm surprised as it's a tourist area. Guess they selected all the best hawker stalls to be there.
@ the food court

Group pic : attendees from all over Asia countries with trainers

The last day saw me going to our Asia HQ Office for meeting. This was specifically for the HR Team. Had a great sharing session amongst us and although it was the first time each one of us saw each other, I could safely say that we had fun! :)

The HR Team

After the meeting ended, I headed back to the hotel to grab my luggage before heading to the airport. I hunted down Bengawan Solo to purchase in my opinion the most expensive sponge cake I paid (after conversion!) It was yummeh tho and I lurve it!

Since there's so much time left before my plane arrives, I spend checking out Changi Airport by taking their Skytrain from T1 to T3 and back! hahahaha..... Actually there was a lady there promoting it and insisted that I give it a try!
I was of course glad to be home to see all my boys hub included! :p and lastly before signing off on this post, here's a pic of the lovely MBS night scene.


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