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Proton Exora VIP Test Drive

We scored a spot at the Proton Exora VIP Test Drive Session on 4 June 2011. It was a whole day event from 9.00am to 4.30pm.

Once registered, we were each given a tag and split into Team A and Team B. We were in Team B.
me and my tag!

Breakfast was served and we filled our tummies with yummy Malaysian fare - nasi lemak! Shortly after, the program started off and with a Welcome Note from En. Ahmad Nasyami, Project Manager - Exora VIP Test Drive Session.
he's young and available :p

After a very short Welcome Note, we were then given a Safety Talk & Presentation on S.P.A.C.E by Mr. Kenneth Chiew, the Driving Instructor. We were also shown a video on crash test and was advise NOT to try it at home!

Kenneth Chiew, Driving Instructor

Proton Edar also lined up some interesting speakers that gave talks ranging from Child Development, Relationship, Advance Styling to Investment Talk.

The day started off with Dr. Alvin Ng, Clinical Psychologist from UKM on Child Development. He explained to us the various areas of development for a child. I heart this Dr. Alvin for his talk was very lively and I have a feeling he relates well to a kid. He even wore a cartoon neck tie! How kyoot!! hahahaha.....

Soon after his interesting talk, we were given 5 mins toilet break to get ready for we are all heading to Desa Park City for the Test Drive!! woo-hooo!.....

group photo before we depart to Desa Park City

interior of the Exora, it comes with a GPS!

our Test Drive Circuit at Desa Park City

The Exora's that we drove all the way from Sunway Giza lined up ready for some rock n roll!
1st car on the left, the black Exora BKH 6052 - our car for the day :)

Besides just test driving the Exoras, we had to answer a set of questions and partake in two activities at the Driving Circuit.

1st activity - Blind Fold Parking.
This tests the communication between the couple where the drive will be blind fold and the partner has to guide the driver to side park the Exora.

Looks easy I tell you but because Exora is so huge, we had problem parking it in!! We took about 3:09:03 to get it in!! The max time allowed to score high points was 2 minutes and some participants took 1:38 to get it in! Bravo to them.

Both of us in action!

2nd activity - Storage Challenge
We were required to travel suits, golf bag and baby stroller into the boot and usher "father, mother and sister" into the car. The fastest you get the stuff and your family into the car including yourself scores high points.

We packed in ours at 0:49 seconds! Not bad eh??

During the performance test drive session, each of us were given 2 rounds to fully test out Exora's ABS and Balancing Performance. I must say that I'm pretty impressed with the stability of it especially when turning in tight corners and making U-turns! The only thing that I find lacking is the pick-up speed.

You get to handle the car to the max!! as I'm pretty sure for your own car, you won't handle it this way by stepping on the accelerator to the max and hitting the brakes down really hard would you? We did this not only once but many many many times!!

From the performance test drive, I also know more about my driving style ie. cautious drive! hehehehe.... So you're safe if you're sitting in my car and I'm behind the wheels eh :p
with Kenneth and Alven, Driving Instructors

After spending a couple of solid hours at the Driving Circuit, it was time to head back to Full House @ Sunway Giza for our lunch.

Full and rested, we continued with our series of talks. Dr. Johnben Loy, Marriage & Family Therapist came up and presented to us about ways to show your ♥. From the talk I know what's my partner's love definition is and I also found mine.

5 ways to show
(5 love languages)
- words of affirmation
- quality time
- acts of service
- physical touch

the speakers : Dr. Alvin Ng, Dr. Johnben Loy, Ms Cherrise Tan and En. Al Jazzura Khan

Next was the Advance Styling Presentation by Ms Cherrise Tan, Image Consultant, Adamaya Image Consultancy. She shared with us what accessories can change our look for the day and night. So ladies, we need to invest in accessories. No need to be expensive accessories, cheap ones will do!

I learnt that I would need to invest in a chain belt and wear it at my highest mid point of the tummy bulge which makes it more slender hehehe.... The guys were not spared and hubby had a "make-over" hahahaha......

make-over session in progress

We were then given time to complete all our questionnaires and fill up the evaluation forms. Kenneth came back on stage and did a product wrap up.

The last talk was by En. Al Jazzura Khan, Financial Consultant from LVG Consultant Sdn Bhd. He gave each couple 2 "jars" and we were required to fill up the FFA (Financial Fortress Account) with all the RM1 notes that we have. Basically we need to save up and plan for our future. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit!!

By then the results were tabulated and it was the prize giving ceremony. It started off with consolation prizes and our name were not called. Little did we know that we were in the top 3 and all these while I thought gone lah, our form got misplaced!!

So when the 3rd prize winner was called and it was not us, I was thinking in my head "really, we got the 2nd prize??" coz for sure we are not able to get 1st prize since our timing for the blind folded parking was not great.

And lo and behold, indeed our name was called upon and we won the 2nd prize!!! woo-hoo!!!....

and what did we get? We got COLD HARD CASH!!! So very generous of Proton Edar! Thank you, thank you!!! :D

Not only the cash, we also got Thann Sanctuary voucher for Full Body Massage! What a great way to unwind!
We are really happy to get 2nd prize, it's really a surprised to us and all in all we had an exhilarating fun day with Proton Exora's VIP Test Drive session. If you have the chance, do join in the fun for an unforgetable experience!

some of the photos courtesy of PESB


Kah Lai said...

Congrats again on your win! Tot it's just the test drive, instead it's quite a packing day with a few series of talks. Wow it must have been very fun :)

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