Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kleenex Comfort Kit ~ I WON!!!

Last month I did a review on Kleenex Comfort Kit. Although that post did not get me an entry to the Mom's Day Out Event with Sheila Majid, it did however won me RM200 worth of Kleenex Tissue products!!

Read carefully, it's RM200! a whooping RM200 of Kleenex Tissues! hahahahaha....

Admist my busy schedule in the office, I managed to check my mail and saw this particular email and it had me laughing in stitches when I read the 3rd para (highlighted in red).

Here's snap shot of the email :

"Dearest mommy bloggers! What can I say - YOU'RE THE WINNERS! Your blog review of the new range of Kleenex Tissues is simply wonderful!

I'm delighted to let you know that you've won yourself RM200 worth of Kleenex Tissue products! :-)

At this point, we're having a discussion on how best to hand the prizes to you as it's really a lot of tissues here...please give us some time to sort this out and we'll definitely keep you posted yeah!

In the meantime, if you've any questions, please feel free to buzz me at 01x-xxxxxxx!"

Kekekekeke..... I still can't believe that I'm amongst the 10 lucky mommy bloggers that won this. Now I wonder how my prizes will look like! :p


Soulie said...

wow that's a lot of tissues man! hahahaha but congratulations!

Merryn said...

Finally i'm sure u r satisfied with their solution as it doesnt involve shipping LOTS of tissues right? :D

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