Saturday, June 04, 2011

Disney Junior

ppsssttt...... are you a fan of Disney? Yes? No? you still have to read on muahahaha....

I'm gonna tell you how I earned my OSO digi medal! You dont know what is OSO digi medal? Hah!! it's high time you log-on to to find out more about Special Agent OSO!

Step 1 :
I received an invitation to learn about Disney Junior with Nancy Kanter. Ms Kanter is the Senior Vice President, Original Programming and General Manager, Disney Junior Worldwide. Quite a mouthful eh her title. In short, she's heading Disney Junior Worldwide!

You may not be familiar yet with the name Disney Junior but comes July 2011, this will be the household synonym that you will constantly hear from your kids! From Playhouse Disney comes Disney Junior!

Step 2 :
Of course after the RSVP and blocking my calendar bold and bright less I forget the date, is to attend it!! :)

The mom blogger dinner was held at Marmalade Restaurant, Bangsar Village II. Great place coz it's near to my workplace hence less stress travelling to venue after work and I've not stepped foot inside Marmalade before although I've heard and read good reviews about it. Win-win and I'll get closer to Mickey and friends. You didn't know that I'm a big big BIG fan of Disney?? Now you know! :p

beautifully decorated,
even the tables are decorated!
you can download all these here and isn't is a great party idea?

Step 3 :
Event day came and I was there on the dot and was greeted by cuteness that melts my heart..... the deco was just so cute that I can't express myself well enough in words. You just gotta be there to feel the magic that always comes with Disney.

By just being there surrounded with all things Disney, it just transported me back to my childhood days where there's no stress, no worry, no pressure, no burden, no nothings! Just me and the magical world that I'm able to weave by reading, hearing and watching Disney's production.

And there, did you spot my OSO digi medal that has my name on it? Pretty cool eh? There's lots more but I'll share more stuff with you in the coming posts.

Stay tune!!


Yee Ling said...

me...superb fan of Disney. Glad that this round i was invited..

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