Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Party @ KLGCC

Sometime early last month, Cavan got an invitation to his classmate birthday party at KLGCC! Yes it's at the exclusive KL Golf & Country Club, the place where we had wanted to host our wedding dinner but unable to as the place could not fit in the number of tables we expected.

Lots of balloons streaming down from the ceiling. Colourful ~ beautiful! I loike :))

Our plan was to leave Cavan there and we will go somewhere else to hang out while waiting to pick him up. However, this plan got scrapped off as our lil one was enjoying himself and as the invitation was also extended to the family we decided to hang around there so that Caden also gets to enjoy the fanfare of a kid's party.

While waiting for all guests to arrive, the kids had a craft session where there decorated a door plate. Cavan did one for his brother Caden as well :)

Magic show was up next and the kids had a fab time being entertained by the Magician Koko. We seen him before when we attended Nuffnang's Friso Family Day Out in 2010. I still remember vividly that Cavan was scared of him then whenever he put on his red robe. Kinda resemble those evil people that you see in movies hehehehe.....

While the big brother was enjoying himself with his school and class mates, the lil brother was no exception and mingled with all the big koko and cheh chehs there. He just made himself fit right in!

Lil Caden enjoying himself, clapping hands somemore!

There were also games lined up for the kids and after the cake blowing session, each of the kiddos had a chance at beating down the pinata to get their goody bag stuff.

And while all these were happening and the lil brother is not able to partake, he chilled out with daddy at the cozy sofa and watched people bowl for the kids party was just next to the bowling centre. Pretty cool coz there's 2 lanes for kids bowling and after the party session, no need to guess where all the kids went lah.... they qued and had a bowl themselves!


Kah Lai said...

caden looks to be enjoying more than cavan :D

life-muses said...

brother was concentrating on the magic show whereas lil brother was just excited joining in :)

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