Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet Potato Balls

As far and as long as I can remember, this stall has been around for ages!

You can get your fix of sweet potato balls every Sunday by mid-day and its always at the same spot. Even to this day, it's there!

Where? ------ in Kepong Baru!

Too bad I could not take a picture of the stall as I was carrying a sleeping Caden in my arms. Hubs just parked as close as he could get to the stall, paid and took our packet in thru the window :)

The potato balls are HOT!! but delicious when eaten warm. I dont like em COLD.....

the original version

our packet of sweet potato balls

this version has desiccated coconut inside

When I was a gal, I dont really like to eat sweet potato balls. However, when I grew older sometimes I have cravings for them and this is one of the days.

The other place I know where to get sweet potato balls is at Petaling Street which I seldom go to. Maybe Night Market would have but so far I have not come across them for I myself seldom go to Night Market as well :p


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