Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Of Eggs and Rabbit

Chicken lay eggs, rabbits go hop hop hop. Put this two together and what da ya get??

Wanna guess?

Potful of eggs in simmering boiling water

After awhile, it transformed to alien eggs! LOL

Red + Green, colours of Christmas, but it's just too early for Christmas!


Yep, lots of em!!

each with her own pouch of egg

all ready to meet their new owners

These were the Easter gift Cavan gave to his classmates and teachers. Hope that it was all intact when he presented it to them all :)

It's too late to wish Happy Easter now but no harm to do so as well, so.......


Hope you had an egg-xra blessed Easter

p/s if you're interested in the origami rabbit, check out this link


prince n princess mum said...

Green egg? Weirdo o.. haha first time c.. But good enough.. Xmas feel ;)

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