Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hair Cut

It started with me getting a trim.

Before we left, our usual hair stylist was teasing Caden and told him, come walk to the chair aunty cut hair for you.

Surprisingly my lil boy took cautious steps (real slowly but surely) walked his way to the chair. Decided then he should get a trim as well coz we will be travelling few weeks later and he would need a trim by then.

Carried him up on the plank and I was amazed that he sat still. Really very very very still!...

There's not a need to distract him at all. Just look at his serious expression or should I say worried look? :)

I was trying to get him to smile for me. Usually when I take out my phone and he knows I'm snapping photos, he will pose and smile for me. This time he's real still o-O

Getting the front portion trimmed and bravo boy, you are so brave!

Few snips here and few snips there, he's all ready with his 'new' look :)


Caden @ 19 months old

Still pretty serious coz he's still seated on the plank! hehehehe..... Mummy is proud of you for you behaved well during hair cut. No need for me or the other ladies there to do silly stuff to entertain you! :p


Lola said...

Good for him! He does look so serious, though, haha!

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