Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Coffee Gem @ Coffee Chemistry Cafe

I read about this new coffee place at Sunway Giza and mentally noted that I must go and try it out myself. The next thing I know, I Love Discounts site was offering 72% off!! Grab grab I must!! hahahaha....

It's located right next to Full House on top of Movida. I had a little set back trying to locate that staircase up LOL!

The place has simple decoration and it is actually sharing space with Cubic Platform. A mixture of retail and F&B together.

Our voucher entitled us to have an appetizer, main and a drink. I choose Hazelnut Latte and was pleasantly surprised to be served a cup of latte with coffee art on it. It's beautiful that I hesitated to stir my latte up but I need to drink it.

One sip and I'm bought! It's wonderful and aromatic! <3 <3 <3 :)

Then my appetizer came or was it my main? Gosh, I forgot which is which! Doesn't matter it's appetizer or main, both are heavenly!

I choose the smoked salmon wrap. Looks pretty simple huh but one bite and mmhhhmmm.... especially when it's warm. The dressing inside it is sufficient thus you wont feel that it's dry.

We were told that our pie would take some time to be served. It's piping hot when it arrives and the filling is oozing out when I tore it apart!

Coffee Chemistry specialty pie with choice of chicken or beef filling

A true comfort food that you can get at this little gem tucked on the 1st floor at Sunway Giza. The specialty coffee beans used are Graffeo. Will definitely return again for it's really value for money. You can get both good coffee and yummy food at an affordable and reasonable price.

I'll be back!!

Coffee Chemistry Cafe
1st Floor Sunway Giza


Merryn said...

I'm sorry but I my first experience in CCC did not go well. Everything was extra salty and I left with my tongue macam ikan masin!

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