Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Comfort & Care

Ding ---- Dong!
Who's there?
It's me!
Who's "me"?
"Me" that comes with a touch of comfort and care!

Wonder who's that or what it is that comes with comfort and care? Let's check it out together!!

My 'lil helper helping me lug our parcel in when the door bell went Ding --- Dong! :)

Ma Ma (ppsstt.. that's how he calls me hehehe..) I know it's written very BIG - Kleenex Comfort Kit but are you going to open it?? Stop taking pictures!!

And so we opened our parcel and lo and behold we found these in it! kekekeke....

A super comfy pillow, a box of vintage looking Kleenex Facial Tissues and news releases. Now, tell me what you expect to be in that box? :p The more I see the comfy pillow, the more it really blends in with my furniture <3

Right. So what's so special about this Kleenex tissues? Tissue is a tissue for some but for me, I need my tissues to be real soft but holds strength.

Have you even come across really coarse tissues that when you wipe your face with it, you feel as though some blunt stuff like sand is making it's mark on you? Or those tissues that comes off and sticks to your hands when you take tissue to dry your hands? It's so irritating when you have to spend time peeling those tissues off your fingers that you'll end up washing your hands again!

Now Kleenex a well known world-leading tissue brand offers an improved facial and bath tissues range that comes in 2 and 3-ply options which is softer while maintaining the strength and comfort using an innovative new technology. Gone are the days of feeling rudely awaken with coarse rough or peeling off tissues.

This improved Kleenex Facial and Bath Tissues are hypoallergenic. It makes them suitable for use by children and those with sensitive skin. Made out of 100% pure virgin fibre, it provides extra softness :) Don't you just love your tissues this way? It's comforting to have something soft and smooth wiping away your tears, fears and sweat?

Ma Ma, Ma Ma

{snapping out of my own tissues thoughts ~ the softness, the strength, the comfort}

And I see this! While I'm in my own thoughts about tissues LOL, my 'lil helper had taken the pillow and made himself comfortable. Hugging it while watching TV!!

Ooh did you noticed the packaging? It's so vintage. I loike :) While you're out shopping in supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies (yes, it's available here too!), do spot this charming vintage boxes on the shelves. The Facial Tissues are available in boxes and pocket packs whereas the Bath Towels comes in Jumbo and Mega packs.

Kleenex® - "Every Touch is filled with Gentleness and Care"


Kah Lai said...

Yes agree with you that the pillow does fits your furniture...caden seems to like it very muchie ;)

Anonymous said...

Karen, you sell tissue?

life-muses said...

nolah me no tissue seller, it's just a review for Klenex :)

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