Friday, April 22, 2011

Day Trip to Gold Coast

Yep as the title goes, we went on a day trip to Gold Coast!!


And Gold Coast we did go! You don't believe me? See the pictures yourself. We were there mentally, emotionally and physically!! :)

However before reaching Gold Coast, we detoured to a place quite well known and there Cavan did some kung-fu poses before we continued our journey.....

Did you noticed that my boy's kung-fu claw is backward? Instead of facing the opponent, he had it facing to him LOL!!

Can you recognise this bridge? It's the local well known "Lover's Bridge" in Tg. Sepat!!

(and it's not April Fool today BOO!!)

Look at those fishes!! Fisherman busy sorting out their catches of the day!

We continued our journey to Gold Coast lah. Told you earlier :p

This caught me eye :) You have to be concious and alert of your surroundings. What you see straight, left and right may not just what there is to offer. Look down and up! and you will see this gorgeous shell chandelier.... It always amazes me and had me thinking how they clean it up.

You can chill out at the daybed/sofa while sipping your juice and enjoy the sea breeze. Ain't it a perfect break from all the chaos of city life?

Nice walkway back to your room where there's air-cond if you cant stand the heat outside.

So then while we were resting at the lobby, small brother decided that he too should have a portfolio himself and started to pose. So here goes his collage :)

And to prove to you that I was indeed in Gold Coast, a picture of myself with Gold Coast as my backdrop. Swear no photoshop! hehehe.....

Ta-daa, told you it is Gold Coast although it's Gold Coast Malaysia!! hahahaha......

And something to remember by, me and my two beautiful (ahem! ahem!) boyz!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cheeky Boys

- One cheeky boy -

- Two cheeky boys -

This is how my boys play at home!

S Spa @ Mont Kiara

Excitedly I bought not one but two vouchers for Body Scrub and Massage at S Spa Mont Kiara for 63% off from one of the discounts site thinking that I got a good bargain only paying RM45.

This is my personal review and it's solely my personal comments.

It was a complete let down! No disposable panty was provided. No towels laid out on the bed, no fresh clean towels provided for you to dry yourself after bath (got to request!!), no music set-up for the ambience (hey, you are supposed to feel relax during massage) and definitely not professional enough.

The treatments that we received was body scrub, steam bath and massage. The massage left us feeling yucky as it's too oily. I went straight home and had my own bath again!!

The only thing that I enjoyed was snapping pics of the modern olden bath tubs which alas I didnt get a chance to try and the sinks!!

Screwing up my appointment which I made weeks ahead and moving us from one room to another (I came out of the steam batch to be told to go into another room where they "moved" my hubs to after his massage all because another client is there!!) did not help in making me change my mind about this place.

Definitely not recommended. Again this is solely my personal view!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Food for Thoughts

Carry a Heart that Never Hates,
Carry a Smile that Never Fades,
Carry a Touch that Never Hurts...
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