Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Trail Continues ~ Banteay Srei & Kbal Spean

I've been procastinating to finish up my travel post. Too many photos to run thru hehehe... so brace yourself now for the post below and coming posts on my trip to Siem Reap will be loaded with pics. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words! :)

Right! After having a blast at the street party counting down to the New Year, we continued our sight seeing to Banteay Srei after catching a couple of hours eye rest. On the way there, we stopped at one of the villages along the road to taste and see how palm sugar candy were made.

The two bamboo containers you see on the left of the pic is to hold the palm juice extracted. Do you know which is the "female" and "male" palm fruit? The green trunck with "boobs" is the female whereas the two longish is the male hehehhee......

This is how you extract the palm juice from the female fruit. You press press press and then slice it off a bit for the juice to flow out. The juice will be transferred to a big wok where they will be cook until the juice thickens before spooning it into the candy mould. Once the candy has harden, it will be packed for sale.

We were given the chance to taste the palm sugar candy and drink fresh palm juice. Surprisingly the fresh juice is very tasty!

The palm tree very high. Villagers climb up these trees using their self made ladder which hubs had a try on. Bravo bravo! hahahaha.....

After hanging around snapping pics and purchasing our candies we continued on to Banteay Srei.

Banteay Srei also famously known as Citadel of Women or Citadel of Beauty refers to its size and delicacy of its decoration. The uniqueness of it is that it has exquisite decorative carving in pink sandstone. Banteay Srei also prides itself as Jewel of Khmer Art, a temple of great beauty. It is indeed a real beauty to behold.

Agree that it's indeed a beauty? Exquisite carvings in pink sandstone. Amazing isn't it?

Temples in Siem Reap are always surrounded by water or they call it moat. The reflection of the temple on the water always take my breathe away.....

After Banteay Srei, we continued our journey uphill to Kbal Spean. To see the beauty of lingas and carvings on riverbed, we had to hike up the hill and it takes 30 mins.

We went thru open wide paths, rocks and boulders some of which were quite steep as you can see from the photos above before reaching our destination. Along the way, there were huts where you can rest if you feel take your stamina is giving way.

Kbal Spean - river of a thousand lingas. I do believe there's thousands of lingas there as the whole river bed is full of lingas. Some are covered by sand over the years but you can still see the lingas. It's amazing that the lingas has been there for so many many years and eventhough it's under the water, it's still very clear.

Besides lingas, you see cravings of reclining Vishnu. As it's dry season when we were there, some parts of the river is dry.

Lingas througout the river bed arranged in a nice pattern.

See this carefully and you can spot a crocodile like creature.

We followed the trail and went to the waterfall. Here, we saw beautiful yellow butterflies. There were so many of them. Beautiful!!

One of our friend while snapping photos slipped and fell into the water. He was wet throughout but managed to save his dSLR from damage or wet. The floor bed is rather slippery. Luckily for him, there's no major casualty except for a rather apparent bruise on his knee and some knocks here and there.

We continued downhill and went thru the rocks, boulders and it's another 30 mins hike down!

After the hike up and down Kbal Spean, all of us were really tired. We adjourned to a garden restaurant for lunch where we had a very yummy pineapple chicken soup! yum-yumz....

After lunch we were given siesta time in our van while we headed to Neak Pean which is about 40 mins drive away. Most of us after few minutes into the journey knocked out but to be rudely awaken when our van went thru some rather bumpy road....


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