Friday, March 18, 2011

The Last Night...

This is our last night in Siem Reap.

After having scrub off those grim, dust and dirt we headed out slightly afresh to Pub Street for dinner and the last night of walking in Siem Reap's town.

Some snapshots of the old market....

From fruits to dry spices and souveniors, we even spotted salted fish and sausages!!

One of the less vibrant street and street side peddlar selling fried mee...

Fresh vegetables aplenty although it's late at night around 8.30pm++ Siem Reap local time. Some stall have already close tho. While walking in the market, we spotted a basket full of black stuff deep fried.

We went closer and look what we saw!





Gross? I find it gross coz i cant make out what it is initially. Just a chunck of black leggy stuff! Go closer somemore and only realised that it is spidey, a real BIG one!!

It ain't the normal spidey you find in your home ceiling or drawers. This is the poisonous spider Tarantula!! yikes!!

I cant imagine myself biting into any parts of this or any other insects found on the streets!!

After strolling thru the old market, we went to the night market to have some last minute shopping as well as to find a good massage place to quieten down our tired and sore legs.

All of us enjoyed the massage thoroughly as our legs feels afresh after having a good rub down! We headed back to our hotel around 1.30am to get a few hours of sleep before catching our flight back home.

Before our trip, most comment we received from friends who have visited Siem Reap is that you will get all dusty from head to toe. However, ours was a different story. At the end of each day, we are rather the same when we leave our hotel except for tired body. Why?.....

cos we were lucky and privilege to be transported in this -> a 7-seater air-conditioned Mercedez Van! hahahaha.....

Ooh yah talking about the few hours of sleep before our flight, my nightmare begun an hour after I got into bed. I was rudely awaken with tummy ached and it went on the whole night right till dawn. I was purging and purging!!
Luckily after consuming some medications that we bought along, the purging stop at least for me to get on the flight and land back home. I even had a nap before seeing the doctor for I am, we are all very very tired from this trip.

What a trip to remember by! Must be all those coconuts used in their cooking that my tummy cant tolerate further. All in all, I have a good trip albeit the last bit of purging o.O

That's it for our escapade to Siem Reap, Cambodia....


prince n princess mum said...

Aiks.. Those spidey.. hmm..

Merryn said...

FAINT wei i see the spider!!!!!!!!

sandieme said...

oh no... are you holding the errieee spider

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